[8 Mistakes] 95% YouTubers make these mistakes | How to Grow YouTube Channel Fast

Anyone who starts a YouTube channel wants to find a viewer, become popular, and become a successful vlogger. However, most new Vloggers don’t know exactly what to do, what’s right, or what’s wrong. Of course, making mistakes is an important part of every road, including YouTube. Mistakes learn and grow you, and it’s great. However, there are many things you can do in very different ways and you need to know in advance.

Here are some typical mistakes that beginners make and tips for avoiding them.

1 Leaving YouTube for an Extended Break

There are several channels with tens of thousands of subscribers. And the most recent videos have only received a few hundred views. And if we look at their list of videos, we can see that the films they were creating six, or seven years ago were receiving tens of thousands of views, but the channel went dark for a while, and the landscape of YouTube has changed dramatically since then.

This often happens with tutorial channels that were some of the first on the platform, providing answers to questions that had not been yet asked on YouTube. And there weren’t enough channels providing answers. As a result, these channels were able to clean up even suspicious thumbnails and content that weren’t brilliant because the competition was so low at the time. Now they realize they can’t keep up with the much more demanding creators who are really familiar with the value of production and attractive thumbnails.

Here’s a really great balanced behavior for creators and their channels. Absolutely, when you need to break off the platform and get things done in life, I never tell creators not to do so. But at the same time, purely from an algorithmic point of view, YouTube hates procrastinators, channels that don’t provide the content they want to serve to their viewers. And YouTube finds this content from another creator.

Indeed, at this point, we are talking about channels that haven’t been created for a couple of years. If you take a one-month or one-week break, it’s probably okay. But if you make a hard stop on your channel and come back a few years later and expect the same traction, I’m afraid that’s not the case.

2 Diverse Content

The big mistake is to make a video about something. Some people think that this approach will attract more viewers, but that is absolutely not true. For example, if you have a video about your hobbies, photography, fashion, or pets, it’s difficult to get subscribers because you don’t know what your subscribers are subscribing to.

To create a recognizable channel, you need to stick to a particular theme or topic and create useful content about it. Viewers will be able to locate you more easily as a result of this. Also, because the videos are displayed consistently, they appear more often in search results.

3 Being Alone

[8 Mistakes] 95% YouTubers Make These Mistakes How To Grow YouTube Channel FastFinding other YouTubers that provide similar material to you and establishing friends with them is one of the most crucial things a YouTuber can do.

There are a few reasons why you should work together. The first is that it will aid in the growth of your channel and allow you to reach new viewers. But, more important than increasing your channel, you’ll meet some incredibly great people who are doing some really cool things on this platform.

As a YouTuber, you may find yourself alone at times. You’re recording movies by yourself, editing them by yourself, and it may be rather lonely at times. As a result, reaching out to other creators, joining in the discourse, and becoming a part of the community is beneficial.

It benefits you as a creator since you can rely on them when you’re having trouble, and you can ask them questions about the algorithm or which thumbnail is the best. It’s a fantastic way to advance as a YouTuber, and it’ll be a lot of fun because you’ll be joining such a terrific community of individuals.

4 Unrealistic Niche

When you’ve decided on a theme for your channel, think if this is what you really can do for a long time. Determine how much it will cost to run your channel, how much money you will need to invest, and whether it will be profitable in a year or five years.

A trip vlog, for example, appears to be cool. You like going throughout the world and sharing your adventures with the public. But is this realistic for you? Is it possible to constantly create new videos? Can you afford to travel so much? Does it fit your overall lifestyle? This step is important when starting a YouTube channel. If you rename the channel and later change the topic, it will be much more difficult to get followers and regain your position. In, do a little research on the niche you want to get started with to see if you really want to get into that niche.

5 Focus on Numbers

It’s easy to grow focused on YouTube numbers. It might be a buzzing bug when you reach a certain amount of views or subscriptions. It’s a big error to focus on getting more views and advertising videos rather than the quality of the material.

If you look at bigger channels as examples and find that they have millions of views, you could be disappointed and wonder, “Why aren’t my videos getting as many views as those?” But that isn’t the case.

Before you acquire a lot of views, you need to put out a lot of good material and stay out there for a long time. Rather than wasting time and energy trying to market videos on every social media network, focus on creating more videos and honing your talents. You may get lost in the analytics, and it’s one of those things that can divert your focus away from the most essential aspect of your job, which is providing great content. Remember that every time you publish a video, you’re giving someone else another chance to find you.

6 Underestimate the importance of Thumbnail

Despite the fact that it appears to be an easy task, many YouTubers do not pay as much attention to thumbnails as they do to videos. This is a problem since a thumbnail is the first thing a potential viewer sees, and it must be an interesting and appealing thumbnail to get them to click on the video.

We’re a really visual bunch. If you walk to a store and see an entire aisle full of comparable things, you’ll naturally go toward the one that appeals to you the most. You’re going to prefer whatever has the finest style, and videos are no exception.

You must truly attract people’s attention by generating appealing thumbnails, titles, and descriptions since if they don’t click on your movie, they will not watch it. So devote some time and effort to developing that aspect of your channel’s content.

7 Perfectionism

A rookie YouTuber may procrastinate and put off starting out of a desire to produce a great video and a fear of failure. When you’re terrified, you’ll always come up with a reason to avoid doing what you need to do.

The only advice I can provide is to be sensible, accept your fear, and just produce that first video, no matter how bad it turns out. You squander your time and don’t progress if you’re paralyzed by fear of criticism and rejection.

8 Inconsistency

The fact is that YouTube should take up a specific percentage of your time vs the rest of your life for many artists, but the borders are often muddled. You spend more and more time on YouTube, whether you’re on a roll or because you’re very enthusiastic about the videos you’re making, but there’s only so much YouTube adrenaline you can run off before you become burned out.

Alternatively, life may get in the way and you may need to take a break. As a result, I never advocate using YouTube at full capacity all of the time. It’s fantastic if you can make five videos in a week. Perhaps you should post four of them and store one for when you actually need to take a vacation.

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