EARN 100k monthly by T-SHIRT Printing Business with a Low Investment

Are you looking to start a good business? Then this news is for you. At present most people have left their jobs and turned to business. If you can start the right business, you can earn millions of rupees a month. One such business is discussed in detail in today’s report (New Business Idea).

1 What is this Business?

EARN 100k Monthly By T-SHIRT Printing Business With A Low InvestmentT-Shirt Printing Business. You can print a variety of designs, texts, pictures, etc. on white or any style or unwritten T-shirt and sell it in the market at a good price. Don’t panic when you hear the name of design printing. In today’s technological age, many design printing machines are available. You can start this business by buying one of them.


2 Why start this business of T-shirt printing?

At present, the demand for T-shirts is very high in the market. The clothing market has grown rapidly in the last few years. The business was worth US1.92 billion in 2014 and the T-shirt business has reached US68.67 billion as of 2022. This business has proliferated in the last three-four years and the business of selling these clothes online has also doubled. As a result, if you can start your own business by understanding the opportunities in such a growing market, you will be able to earn crores of profits as well. First, you can make thousands of lakhs monthly income, and then you can get great success in this business if market control and supply chain is good.

3 What does it take to start this business of T-shirt printing?

You can start this work at home first. You can buy a T-shirt printing machine online and put designs on different T-shirts at home. For this, you need a T-shirt printing machine as well as a raw T-shirt i.e. a blank one-color T-shirt on which you will do various printing work. Also, need Teflon paper. The design and Teflon paper are placed on top of the T-shirt so that it does not overheat when printing on a T-shirt. You also need ink. You can create new designs with different inks. So from all angles, if you want to start this business first, you need the following things:

  • T-shirt printing machine
  • Sample T-shirt
  • Ink for printing
  • Teflon sheet
  • Sellotape (often used to attach Teflon sheets to shirts)

Machines, Teflon sheets, ink, everything you can easily get online. You can also get sample t-shirts online. However, to get good quality and less expensive t-shirts, you can contact a well-known cloth merchant.

4 How much money do you have to invest to start a t-shirt business?

It doesn’t take much money to start a T-shirt printing business. You can start this business by buying the necessary things within 1 lakh. You can get a T-shirt printing machine online for 15 to 20 thousand. It can cost 70-80 rupees to buy a sample T-Shirt. If you know people, you can buy a shirt for 50 rupees. You can print that shirt and sell it for 400-500 rupees. Then you understand that if you make so much profit by selling one shirt, you can make a huge profit by selling many shirts every month. You can also get ink for Teflon sheets and print at a lower price online.

Later, if your business is doing well, you can buy a more advanced quality multi-printing machine, which costs less than Rs 50,000. In this way, based on the profit of the business, you can later expand your T-shirt printing business.

5 How to start this business of T-shirt printing?

You can buy the necessary items for this business and do T-shirt design printing at home. At first, you can sell them at wholesale rates by doing business with various shopping malls and local clothing stores in your area. If the quality and design of your printing T-shirts are good, the demand will also increase automatically. In this way, you can gradually sell your printed T-shirts starting from small market to big market. It is best to register a company in your name. Then you can earn a lot of money online by selling your printed T-shirts at different prices on different platforms.

6 Find a Market and Create a Business Plan

Finding a specialty is essential for a successful T-shirt business. T-shirts tend to appear identical; it’s difficult to develop a unique offering. That is, however, what you will need to accomplish for customers to choose your store above other, more established companies. When deciding on a business to start, you must have a clear picture of what your product will look like, who will buy it, and why it is required. Read our guide to learning how to discover a niche market.

Assume you want to sell amusing T-shirts. It’s not enough to merely design for it; think about what kinds of humorous shirts you’ll sell. Will you be selling statement t-shirts? Visual ones? Finding a niche necessitates having a distinct offering. It may be frightening to accomplish this first since you may believe you will not obtain enough market. However, this is what you must do to stand out and reach more people.

7 Create T-Shirt Designs & Mockups

After you’ve settled on a specialty, the following step is to design T-shirts. This stage includes the creation of designs and mockups.

Eye-catching designs will set your items apart from the competition. Choosing a certain theme or image for your brand is also beneficial throughout the design phase. This might be a consistent color scheme, typeface, or a logo—anything that will help your company stand out.

Once your ideas are complete, develop mockups so that potential consumers can see what the final design will look like printed on a shirt.

You may acquire shirt samples and take your product pictures, or you can use T-shirt mockups and internet templates to build a digital mockup. Adobe Photoshop is required for making digital mockups. If you are unfamiliar with the program, employ someone from a freelancing site like Fiverr to make mockups for you.

8 Gauge Interest in Your T-Shirt Designs

Validating your designs is an important step after finishing your mockups or product photographs before exposing them to the public. Before investing money in its creation, you must determine whether there is a real demand for your presentation designs. You may get input from your network directly through a focus group or an email survey. You may also share designs on your social networking sites. This is especially beneficial if your social followers are also potential clients.

9 Select a T-Shirt Printing Method

After you’ve confirmed your T-shirt designs, you’ll need to work out how your T-shirts will be created. There are several choices available, ranging from in-house manufacturing through screen printing to heat transfer or direct-to-garment processes. You may also use a print-on-demand service to market your T-shirt designs.

✅ Screen Printing(In-House Production)

A semi-professional screen printing press will set you back several thousand dollars. Using this in-house production approach allows for the highest sales margin. Having your equipment allows you to expand into new goods, change designs, and create bespoke orders. The preferred technique allows for a vibrant, multicolor, and high-quality result.

✅ Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is a printing technique that uses intense heat to print a pattern onto a T-shirt. Plastisol transfers are used by professional printers that use high-quality heat-transfer paper. You may have seen this printing technology at office supply stores or tiny Etsy companies. Heat transfers can print full-color pictures on T-shirts fast and effortlessly. It is often ideal for small printing batches or single bespoke outfits.

✅ Direct-to-Formats

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is popular since it prints the ink directly onto the T-shirt and produces accurate full-color graphics. It prints with higher quality than heat transfers. Unlike screen printing, it operates like an ink-jet printer, so set up costs are minimal. However, because each T-shirt takes the same amount of time to produce, you cannot offer volume discounts for big purchases.

Using a print-on-demand service is analogous to selling your designs on a T-shirt marketplace. Instead of putting your design on a third-party website, print-on-demand services allow you to sell directly from your website while maintaining your identity and the illusion of a fully self-contained small business.

These companies employ drop shipping, in which the retailer forwards client orders to their supplier, who fulfills the order. Many drop ship and print-on-demand vendors may brand the order with the retailer’s logo, so buyers will be unaware that their goods aren’t coming straight from the shop.

✅ Decide Where To Sell Your T-Shirts

When it comes to selling T-shirts online, there are several alternatives. You may utilize a service like SPRING or SunFrog to just generate designs and get money every time one of your designs sells on their site if you want to start selling right away and for no upfront investment. You may also start your firm from the bottom up if you want to construct a full-fledged T-shirt empire. This would include developing a full-fledged eCommerce store.

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