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Website Owner Nazim Khan
Education M.B.A. (Finance)
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Website Started on Jul 4, 2021
Purpose of Website How to Start an Online or Offline Business

Hi, everyone, I am Nazim Khan. I studied MBA in Finance Field & am interested in providing business knowledge through this blog. I was also an accountant in a Delhi-based company. after 10 years of experience. i wanted to start an educational platform to educate people about business because when i was doing my job, i was treated like a boss.

because all the office work only i was handling. that is why i get lots of knowledge that how to handle and how do a business properly. so here in this blog, i have shared many articles that will teach you, how to start a business, what type of business you can do online, and what type of business you can do offline.

In starting you will get lots of problems but after 2-3 years of experience, your business starts a boom in the industry.

so if you are interested to learn about business, then you can follow our blog. and if you have any query or question then you can contact me on the above email address or directly call me on above contact no.

Thanks for being a part of our blog.

Good Luck with your Future!!