[12 IDEAS] Business Ideas for College Students (to Earn 30k Per month Easy)

Student life is the golden time of one’s life one remember for a lifetime. We create some of the best memories while we were students. Friends for a lifetime, experiences a person remembers for life. But a life of a student now is completely different from the life of a student a decade ago. Nowadays, students are competing in competitive exams. Struggling hard to make a space in society. Gymnasiums, sports complexes, and coaching centers are filled with aspirants that wish to touch new heights in their life.

[12 IDEAS] Business Ideas for College Students (to Earn 30k Per month Easy)But everyone is not so lucky or born with a silver spoon in their mouth, to afford the expensive coaching institutes, gym trainers, sports or hobby coaches. But still, there are opportunities available other ample opportunities are available. Earning my own and bearing my expenses help me in many ways. It gives a sense of self-respect, a small step for helping parents in managing household expenses, it gives the experience of real-world, type of people. Moreover, it makes a professional mindset that helps in easy adjustment in professional life.

There are several opportunities available for students for part-time jobs. In such jobs, they can concentrate on their studies and earn to meet their expenses. Let’s see some of the options for side earning business ideas-

1 Manage Social Media Pages of Companies

Social media is one of the most important mediums of communication. It has beaten print media. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are social media platforms. Corporate houses always wish to reach their customer. The objective is to know the needs, and demands of the customer. Furthermore, companies advertise and update their latest products.

As the various startups are coming into the market. Students can help them in managing their social media pages. This can be helpful for the students in two ways. One is earning part. Another is experiencing the practical applications of digital and social media marketing.

2 Home Tuition

Only one student can understand another student better. It means a student knows very well what problem another student face while understanding a concept. If you are a meritorious student you can give home tuitions to the junior classes. This noble profession can help those students that can not afford the costly coaching and looking for tutors neighborhood.

Teaching a subject, again and again, makes you the subject expert it will further help you in your career. Mathematics, Accounting, English, Physics, and Chemistry are the subjects, students search for good tutors. If you can commute within your city home tutions can give you a very good source of earning.

3 Delivery Services

Online shipping boosted the logistics business very well. There are several delivery and logistics services available where you can earn in your free time. Medicine delivery, food delivery, and grocery delivery are in trend. People are willing to spend quality time with family and they need to update them for the competitive environment at work also.

They are not getting time to buy groceries or visit medicine shops. The Internet provides the solution to get medicines, and groceries on their doorsteps. This is also an opportunity for individuals looking their a career in logistics and supply chain. The various supply chain companies are giving benefits working as per convenient time.

4 Ride services

Cab services are charging very high for even small distances. If you own a bike or a scooter you can start a ride service. Rapido, OLA, etc. are providing services for the two-wheeler owners to run such services.

Again, the students can do such jobs on the day of the holiday or at the time of vacation. This job can provide them handsome amount to bear their expenses and help at home too.

5 Mobile Apps Refer & Earn

Several mobile apps are providing opportunities to refer them and they pay for the same. If you are running a youtube channel, or you have a good amount of followers on Instagram or Facebook. You can refer them to some of the useful apps of their use. This will help them in their personal life and you will also earn from the referral.

6 Writing Articles

It’s a golden opportunity for the students that have or want to have command over the knowledge. First, you can write blogs to flaunt your knowledge of your writing skills. Your readers will not just increase the followers but the various corporate may contact you for writing on their behalf. In the future, you can develop yourself as a content writer.

7 Open a Small Food Stall

Do you have a hobby of cooking? You can commercialize your hobby by starting a food stall or a bakery. It may hesitate you at the first start but as you will get praise for you tasty food. You will start gaining attention. There are several examples, people with technical degrees followed their passion and further launched their restaurants.

8 Pamphlet Distribution & Banner Poster Pasting

You wish to start a part-time job in the area of sales and marketing. You can start with the promotion activities. You can take the contracts to distribute the pamphlet distribution, arrangement of banners, and poster pasting.

9 Financial Advisor

You are looking to start your career in the finance industry? Start working as a financial advisor. Give suggestions of investment avenues like insurance, stocks, mutual funds, insurance, etc. to people that require it.

It will further give you experience for establishing you as a financial expert in the future. Being a financial advisor you can also try your skills of analysis in the stock market. So you will get two side income sources at one go, one financial advisor and another trading.

10 Painting

Painting is another hobby that can help you in earning. Practice makes a man perfect. Making paintings will help you in practicing your artistic skills. You can sell your art and craft online or with the help of exhibitions. Regular practices of painting can lead your career towards a professional painter.

11 Broking

Earning with the help of brokerage is also one of the options. Dealing with property, rental and other services that involve brokerage. For the brokerage services, the skills you would require is the social networking skills and awareness of your surroundings.

You must be aware of the locality, the status of the rent of the houses, and people interested to sell their property. If you will do well in this profession you can earn a very handsome amount in one go.

12 Fitness Trainer Assistant/ work at the Gymnasium

If you are a fitness enthusiast,  you can assist a fitness trainer. Timing at gyms and fitness centers suits most of the students. Assisting a fitness trainer will help you further to deal with the issues related to fitness. You can give time at the gym with the workout.

Every work we discussed above needs hard work and the result is beautiful. Starting with part-time jobs prepares you for future challenges. A struggle right at this moment can make your life better in the future.

I would like to quote the example of Warren Buffet. He started earning money to make his life better from his childhood. He started delivering the newspaper, he did numerous small and part-time jobs to make money. Further, he started investing in the stock market from his savings. Slowly and gradually he established an empire.

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