How to Become an App Developer? & How to Make Money from App?

As smart devices become more powerful, the demand for app developers who can design, implement, and maintain mobile applications grows. They are an important member of the project management or technical team that is in charge of fulfilling user requirements. Many app developers find their jobs extremely exciting since they have a high earning potential, a bright career outlook, and the ability to work with cutting-edge technology. You’ll discover how an app developer works and how to become one in this post.

What is App Development?


The word “app development” refers to the full process of generating new software from the ground up. A software engineer who works on the idea, design, and implementation of software for phones, smartwatches, tablets, and other devices is known as an App Developer.

To construct these apps, you’ll likely collaborate with teams of data engineers and graphic designers.

How to Become an App Developer? & How to Make Money from App?


Types of App Developer


1 Desktop Apps

These applications operate on standalone PCs or laptops. The majority of them are bespoke programs created to meet the demands of a certain enterprise. These programs are simple to use, safe, and efficient. They are ideally suited for business environments and run offline.

Most businesses utilize desktop apps for improved performance, quicker operation, rapid data access, simple synchronization, and, most significantly, to make their workers’ duties easier. Companies also prefer desktop programs because they protect data from illegal access, which may be a problem with web apps.

However, desktop applications have certain restrictions, the first of which is that they must be downloaded and installed on each machine before usage. This software must also be upgraded on a regular basis for each device on which it is installed, which is a time-consuming job.

2 Web Apps

Web applications, as opposed to desktop programs, offer the advantage of being accessible from any location. They have the advantage of not requiring customers to download and install them on every machine they use. Further upgrades are simplified because you just need to upgrade the app on the server.

3 Mobile Apps

When we think about applications, we usually think of smartphone apps like Pinterest, Uber, and Google Maps. Mobile applications are simple to use and download and install. Most significantly, we’ve all become accustomed to relying on a slew of strong small symbols on our phone screens to get us through the day.

It is not simple to create a solution that is fast and efficient for all users. As a result, app developers frequently earn substantial incomes and excellent perks.


Skills required to become an App Developer


To succeed as an App Developer, you must master the following hard and soft talents.

1 Hard Skills

(a) Knowledge of Programming Languages:

(1) Java

Java is one of the most important abilities for mobile app developers because it was the default language for writing Android apps till 2019. Android applications are frequently created with the Java programming language and SDK.

(2) Kotlin

After 2019, Java was replaced by Kotlin, as Google declared that it will support Kotlin as the first-class language for developing Android apps. Kotlin, an enhanced and simplified variant of Java, is currently commonly used for Android app development.

(3) React.js

React JS is a JavaScript package that is used to create high-quality user interfaces (UI). It is an important mobile app development ability that is known to create a lot of traffic. It employs Javascript and might be a valuable ability for any mobile developer.

(4) React Native

React Native is a platform that enables developers to create cross-platform, native iOS and Android apps. It is a popular JavaScript mobile application framework used by organizations such as Facebook, Uber, and Microsoft that develops applications for both iOS and Android using the same codebase.

(5) Javascript

JavaScript is a critical ability for front-end mobile developers. The JavaScript framework React Native facilitates cross-app development, whereas Angular provides tools to allow developers to design bespoke frameworks for each project.

(6) Swift

Swift has significantly altered the iOS application development business. With its easy-to-code features, it supplanted Objective-C. Swift is a simple programming language used to create Apple operating systems. Swift’s popularity has made iOS app development faster, simpler, and smoother, lowering the incidence of app crashes.

(7) Angular

This is the foundation upon which the Internet behemoth Google is built. It has several features and components that contribute to successful and rapid development.

(8) GIT

GIT is a free, open-source version control system that enables mobile app developers to try to cut strategies that aren’t too conventional. In other words, the GIT version control system enables mobile app developers to freely experiment with new features, coding approaches, and program updates without affecting old versions.

(B) Logical reasoning: App developers frequently need to find out how to make certain functionality operate across a number of devices and operating systems. If you enjoy problem-solving, this is the profession for you.

(C) Design Knowledge: To deliver the vision, you will most likely collaborate with UX specialists. However, it is also a good idea to be familiar with excellent design techniques.

2 Soft Skills

(1) Attention to detail

A single code error might result in a disastrous user experience. You must quality test your own work as well as the work of your coworkers.

(2) Curiosity

Because our mobile devices are continually evolving, so must our apps. You should like learning and have a natural interest in coding.

(3) Project Management

Expect strict deadlines and difficult tasks.

Ways to learn App Development


There are several paths to becoming an App Developer. You’ll be able to pick an educational model that matches your lifestyle, from degrees to boot camps. So, let’s look at the most common techniques to become an App Developer.

1 Bachelor’s degree

If you’re new to web development and willing to spend four years on your studies, a bachelor’s degree in computer science might be an excellent choice. This path is successful for an entry-level professional, but it needs the most time and money.

2 Associate degree

If you don’t want to spend four years in school or a lot of money, an associate degree is an option. You’ll finish your basic schooling in just two years.

3 Bootcamps

For ambitious app developers, boot camps are a popular option. They’re ideal for folks who need to get a new job swiftly. They will also let you learn at your own speed.

While a bachelor’s degree and an associate degree both give theoretical information, boot camps provide greater practical expertise that job recruiters value. They also provide a customized curriculum where you may concentrate on the sort of app development that interests you.

4 Certificate Programs

There are a variety of online certificate programs available to assist you to demonstrate your app development skills. Google Developers Certification for aspiring Android professionals and Apple Developer Certification are two examples. Keep in mind that while these are excellent endorsements, they may not help you perfect all of the abilities required for a long-term profession.

5 Self-guided learning

There are dozens of websites that provide free online tools to help you learn to code, but the volume of material accessible might be intimidating for a novice. Although many App Developers are self-taught, a structured curriculum and debugging support can help you get started faster.


An App Developer’s Typical Career Path

1 Job

If you’re serious about pursuing a new job, you’ll want to know what to expect in a few years. Let’s take a look at the usual App Developer job path.

(a) Junior Developer

As a junior developer who produces and tests very basic scripts, your career will take off. While a Junior Web Developer, you’ll be able to rely on your colleagues for advice as you learn the ropes. You’ll be able to rely on your colleagues for advice as you learn the ropes. A Junior App Developer can earn an average of Rs. 3 Lakh – 5 Lakh/ Annum.

(b) Senior Developer

After a few years of expertise, you’ll be able to construct new programs and guide the development process as a Senior Developer. You’ll also be mentoring junior team members. A Senior App Developer can earn an average of Rs. 10 Lakh/ Annum.

(c) Lead Developers

If you have a lot of experience, you can become a Lead Developer and take on greater responsibilities. You will be in charge of creating complicated new apps in this capacity. A Lead Developer can earn an average of Rs. 14.5 Lakh/ Annum.

(d) Development Manager

After obtaining experience for several years, you may be promoted to Development Manager. That implies you’ll be in charge of huge projects and a team of developers. A Development Manager can earn an average of Rs. 25 Lakh/ Annum.

(e) Technical Director

If you demonstrate team-building and communication abilities in addition to your coding expertise, you can advance to Director, Vice president, or perhaps Chief Technology Officer. A Technical Director can earn an average of Rs. 25 Lakh/ Annum.

2 Freelancing

A mobile app developer is a sort of software engineer who specializes in developing applications for smartphones and tablets. They spend their days creating, programming, and testing applications for various mobile devices and operating systems. In many circumstances, you’ll collaborate with a group of other engineers or business executives who require the app.

As a freelancer, you work with a range of customers and are not affiliated with their company. This frequently includes project management and email updates on the state of app development. You must develop the app for the operating system that they choose and test it on appropriate devices or frameworks.

Freelancers also devote time to understanding best practices for programming for smaller displays as well as the other functionalities that smartphones provide, such as accelerometers and GPS tools.

As a Freelancer, an Mobile App Developer can earn up to 20 – 25 Lakh/ Annum

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