[TOP 14] Business Ideas for WOMEN with-out any Education (EARN 30k per month)

Women are the backbone of each family. In every culture there is an unspoken rule, men go home for work and women are the housemakers. With the development of culture and economy, things have changed and women also started working away from home.

Women are equally contributing to the financial growth of family-like men. Moreover, women contribute to the office and they give time at home too, to the children, their education, looking after the needs of the family, etc. it’s the women that take leave from the office when someone is sick at the office.

But there is a big number of women who want to contribute to the betterment of the family they have skills but not good education.  In today’s article, we will discuss the fourteen business ideas women can adopt and they don’t need any educational qualification. Let’s see them one by one-

1 Bridal make up studios

Looking at herself as a bride is the dream of every girl. You can make the dream come true. You need to have a little formal training in makeup. And after practicing under the guidance of any professional you can start your own studio.

If you are trained enough you can work in the studios of big brands too. There are several studios that got the fame just due to the services they provide and now they are charging high for their premium services.

2 Handmade Jewellery

Jewellery and accessories are all-time favorites of every woman. But now a day, it is not just limited to women, men are also taking a keen interest in wearing jewelry and accessories. In this category of females, you can make designer bangles, earrings, etc.

if you want to excel in your business you can take some formal training to make some extraordinary pieces of art. In the category of men, the options are very limited but still, you can try with bracelets, rings, chains, etc. After entering into this profession you will slowly come to know about various metals and rest things about the industry as well.

3 Home food tiffin Service

In the past two decades, India has changed a lot. Joint families became nuclear, people are traveling long distances for jobs and education. There is a major change in the social structure of the country.

Our country’s ideology is still hanging between modern and traditional India. The easiest business operation a woman can start from home is the food tiffin service.  While discussing this I remind you of a great movie of Irfaan Khan’s” The Lunchbox” and Rishi Kapoor’s “Sharma Ji Namkeen”.

As discussed above people are traveling far places for jobs and education and not everyone is an expert in cooking. Besides of expert in cooking, it takes time to cook. Time is an important element. You can start providing tiffin services to college students staying away from home, and working professionals in the office. Apart from that you can provide tiffin or food services for small events also.

4 Bakery

Indians are becoming health and taste-conscious. Your business is successful if you are understanding the needs of your customers and giving them customized products. The bakery business in India is growing rapidly.

Numerous people at home are providing products that are cheaper than the market rates. Cakes, cookies, and pastries are some of the products. On the large scale, you can go for the manufacturing of biscuits, rusks, and other bakery products that are usual and popular in your neighborhood.

You can supply it to local vendors and most importantly you can sell the bakery products to your neighbor. Your neighbors will surely buy the products because you will give them quality assurance.

5 Pickles

Pickles are one of the most ingredient part of Indian food. A piece of pickle changes the complete taste of the food we eat. Most of us don’t like the pickles that we buy from the market as they either are too much spicy or have quality issues with oil and other ingredients.

But due to no other option, we buy and consume them. Making pickles at home is a tedious task in the present busy life. You can start the business of making pickles and selling them. Making pickles is a tradition in India. You can use recipes of your ancestors and with your experience, you can make it marketable.

6 Café

A café can be a good option if you have a pleasing personality, you have a space and you know how to deal with customers. Cafés nowadays are not just a place for a cup of coffee or hanging out.

They are places for meetings, writing books, and other serious work too. If you will check good café around you can find the inbuilt library with café.

7 Crafting

There are several traditional art and crafting methods exist in India. If you have any exposure to the crafting of scriptures. You can create them and either sell them online or you can sell them in your own store. This will develop you as a professional artist.

8 Tattoo artist studios

Tattoo art is an emerging field in India although it is not new. People in India are making tattoos on their body from a very long time. But now with the introduction of technology, this art has become an industry now.

It is not just limited to the metro but people from small cities are looking for good tattoo artists.  Tattoo artists get international exposure and earn very well for their art.

9 Boutique

Just fashion sense and basic knowledge of stitching can make you a fashion designer. For earning you can start a boutique.

Working women in your neighborhood always look for new and trendy clothes in their word rob. Of course, comfort and economy is one of the prime motives of such women. You can provide comfortable and economical dress material.

10 Bridal Store

Stitching is the hobby of many women and it’s a talent too to prepare delegate designs. Designing and clothing industry is also developing very fast. New colors and textures are coming up and they are becoming people’s choice very soon.

If you have an interest in stitching and embroidery you can start the work of bridal store. It just not comprises the dresses of the bride but also accessories too. You can keep things that are required for various ceremonies also.

India being a diverse country has numerous traditions. You can make the store as per the requirement of your local area. Apart from that you can be a part of a large supply chain by providing small accessories like bangles, and other jewellry items.

11 Paper Bag, Jute Bag Making & sell to shopkeepers

Plastic bags are not environment friendly that’s why the government is also banning them. There is a great opportunity for making paper and jute bags. Earlier you can start making it handmade on a small scale as the business grows you can buy machinery to make them.

It’s a low-investment business that can give you a good earning source.

12 School Uniform Making

Now a day, schools are preferring unique uniforms. You can take the contract of manufacturing uniforms for the school. You would need some more working hands as you will get the order in bulk.

After starting a such business, you will be considered as a business woman as it is a very high source of earnings. Further, you can expand your business to more schools and bulk manufacturing of uniform of security agencies, factories, etc.

13 Spa and Salon

The hospitality and beauty industry needs skills instead of formal degrees. On the other hand, there are numerous people that wish to avail the services but they can’t afford the high prices.

You can provide spa and salon services that are affordable by the common people. Your good quality and economic services can attract customers easily and further you can set up your successful business.

14 Stitching and embroidery work

Chickenkari from Lucknow and other various forms of stitching and embroidery are famous worldwide. You can easily learn them from various online channels or if you already know this it will be a boon.

Stitching and embroidery are the back office work for boutiques and fashion houses. If you will be good in your job you will get permanent clients in your hand for your work.

If you are working on any of these business ideas, you can change your destiny. Your hard work and skills can establish you as a business woman. If you are a housewife with the support of your family you can start the business and can give them a better future.

If you are not a housewife, unmarried or single, and looking to start some career option you can start with any one of them.

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