[TOP 7] Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs (BUSINESSMAN)

No matter how much research you do, you will not find any capsules in the whole world that you can take at night and wake up in the morning to be successful. This means that if we want to be a successful entrepreneur in life, we have to learn something new every day. And reading is a habit that you will find common among all successful people

In this article you will know about the names of 7 books , And these books will increase your thinking power 5 times, so that you can understand the business better and use it to move forward in life.

Here the below-mentioned Business books will help you to scale your Business as an Entrepreneur.


Best Books for Business Success for Businessman (Entrepreneur)



Author: Seth Godin 

PURPLE COW book by Seth Godin 

Marketing guru and bestselling expert, Seth Godin has shared with us some tips and strategies in this book so that you can reach the heights of yourself and your business.

With this book you will know that there are two types of buyers in the market, One is Highly Profitable Buyer – this means the buyer does not see the price of the Item, the value of our profit increases a lot. And another one buyer is Opinion Leading Buyer – The buyers who tell others about your product, and advertise your product for free.

This book teaches you that in order to sell a product, how important it is for that product to be infectious, infectious means like corona virus has spread all around nowadays, so your product also needs to be spread like Virus.

What will be such a thing in your product, so that it is easy to buy, easy to talk, people should talk about it, become a trend within the community? You can find some tips about the mentioned topics. And pulls out the fire of entrepreneurship that is burning inside you.


Author: Tom Kelley & David Kelly ( Founders of IDEO ), IDEO is a designing Company.

CREATIVE CONFIDENCE by Tom Kelley & David Kelly

If you want to check the creativity of a child, check the last page of his notebook, then you will know how creative the child is. As a child grows up, his creativity is stopped, and instruction is given to that child, more important than creativity to solve the math question.

But every big entrepreneur gives solutions creatively, takes creative decisions, Most of the biggest example is Steve Jobs in the matter of this creative.

If you want to unleash the creativity of your entrepreneur, if you want to unleash the power of innovation, if you want to increase your curiosity, then you need to read this book, this book will help you to be expert in these matters.


 Author: Spencer Johnson

WHO MOVED THE CHEESE by Spencer Johnson

Who moved my cheese? An illustration about change that takes place in a maze where the four characters look for “cheese” – cheese symbolizes what we want in life.

The four fictional characters depicted in the story – rats: “sniff” and “scary”, and little people: “hem” and “haw” – are intended to present our own simple and complex parts.

Regardless of the parts we choose to use, we all have something in common, we need to find our way into the maze and succeed over time.

This book teaches you how to adapt to changes in the environment, and how to recognize the upcoming changes so that you can adapt to each change.

And in all cases you can continue your business, as the coronavirus pandemic has ruined the business of a lot of people, and a lot of people have started new businesses in this epidemic.


Author: Daniel H. Pink

TO SELL IS HUMAN by Daniel H. Pink

The best and Interesting fact about this book is the Best Seller Book in The New York Times, a Best Seller book in The Wall Street Journal, also the best seller in The Washington Post.

Everyone in this world is definitely in sales, at this time I am selling my knowledge to you, and in return, I am taking your time from you.

This book tells us a lot about sales, like anything we buy, there are 2 reasons behind it, either its happiness is attached with us, children need something or I want something, that is, I am absorbed. And the other with which our need is attached, like if we are taking washing powder because we need this to wash our clothes.This book tells us similar methods of psychology, tips and strategies.


Author: Chip Heath and Dan Heath

MADE TO STICK by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Now it is important to win sales for an entrepreneur, equally important is marketing, which sells. “What can be seen is what can be sold”

If your product is not visible, if you do not want to show then you will not be able to sell. This book is also for the Struggling Entrepreneur, and this book is also for the Established Entrepreneur. You will get clear of some Marketing Fundamentals.

Like, How to make your product stick in the mind of your target audience ?

Such strategies, such case studies are mentioned in the book.

If you are interested in marketing, how to make a product accessible to the people, how to make a product trend in the market, this book teaches you.


Author: Blake Masters & Peter Thiel

ZERO TO ONE by Blake Masters & Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is a billionaire and he is also a good Investor also one of the first investors in Facebook, Uber etc. He was one of the Co-Founder of Paypal, so this guy knows how big businesses work. So basically through this book he explains to you the fundamentals of the business, which everyone should know before starting a business and everyone makes mistakes.

For Example, If a saree shop opens in your area, then after seeing it, 5 more saree shops are opened, this is the biggest mistake inside the business, that we start our business by looking at others, that’s why we think If his thing is going on then we will also run, this is the only difference between normal business and billion business, billion business are such which have never happened before.

Like there was no facebook app before, no one had thought about uber before, so do something unique in your business, which no one had done before.Like if we take the example of saree shop itself, you will not open a saree shop by visiting others’ saree shop, you can open a gents shop.


Author: Jonah Berger 

CONTAGIOUS by Jonah Berger

It is a very good innovative book. In this book you have been told about lots of marketing strategies which help you to scale your business. The best topic of this book is how once the owner made his own bar different, in spite of having other bars in that area. He hid his bar, that means you can’t see that bar when you go through the road, you will need a phone booth to go inside that bar, because of this mysterious innovative idea that the bar had become so famous for . You will soon come to know about these ideas and strategies.

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