[4 PHASE] How to Earn Money Online from Books (40k per month)

Well, we all know that by reading books we get knowledge, but you know that you can generate income on books, you can earn money. One such digital opportunity is available in front of you. And inside this article you are going to know the complete business model, roadmap blueprint you are going to get and how you can start it.

How can you start from zero and reach millions of rupees a month, how can you start from a career and make it a complete business. In this article, we will talk about this opportunity which is called book tubing i.e, making videos on youtube about books.

[4 PHASE] How to Earn Money Online from Books (40k per month )Book tubing is one such digital career, which was started by spanish youtuber Javier Reuscas in 2010. And on today’s date, some international channels and some Indian channels are doing good work in book tubing. So you know that the video is growing fast, 35 crore video users are already in India to watch the video, and out of that 34 crore consumers are on youtube. Videos are growing fast, the knowledge industry is growing fast, at this time some people will grow by making abusing & controversial videos, and some people are famous by sharing knowledge. So today you are going to know about that digital career which took you forward and also took the world forward. Inside this article you are going to get the complete business plan, please read the article till the end.

The Business plan which helps you to grow in this field is divided into 4 Phases.

PHASE-1 of Earn Money Online from Books

The first phase of becoming a booktuber, it may be of 1 month for someone, or it may be of 6 months. But according to some experts in this field, it is an average of 3 Months. And this is the most Important Phase, because it will take the most effort. It is obvious that you have to reach from 0 to millions. If you want to be successful then the foundation should be strong, in this phase i.e. in the beginning, you decide which type of videos you will make. Some people bring their faces in front of the camera, and talk about the book, some give summaries of the book, some only record audio the books remain in front, some of them make animated videos, some do reviews of the books, Many such type of videos available in front of you,  you will decide what kind of videos you will make.

Will make videos on all kinds of books, or specialize like business books only, education books only, fiction books, novels you have to decide first, what will be your topic in Phase 1, what type of videos you will make.

Right now you may have this question in your mind, where will the ideas be found? The easiest way is available to us, all the books related to booktubing are available on YouTube, you can follow his videos, even you can take his ideas.

Do you know in this world a total of 13 crore books have been written? If you review the book, and let’s assume that if you make a video on 1 book daily, then 3.5 Lakh years is required to cover all the books.

Some of the few Ideas are given below :

  • Book Review
  • Let’s Read Together
  • Best/Top Books
  • Book of the Week/ Month/Day
  • How to Videos [How to Read a Book/How to learn from a Book]
  • Collaboration Videos
  • Vlog while reading a Book
  • Cover Book Fairs
  • Book Competition
  • Movies adapted from Books

You got to know about the ideas, the main thing you need to know right now is How can you earn money?

There are two ways available to generate revenue by making videos on Books


When you create videos on Youtube, some ads run on your videos at the beginning, you get a commission on that. For example, if you get 5 lakh views on your videos, as an average you can generate 20,000/ Month.


When you create videos on some books, you can paste the purchase link on the Video description. If anyone purchases through this link you will get some commission on that.

In Phase 1 as an average you can revenue of Rs. 20k – 40k/ Month.

PHASE-2 of Earn Money Online from Books

In Phase 2, you will get to know, How can you increase your Income ?

Here in phase 2 you have the most important Property i.e, Experience. Now you have understood some things, now you can create a System. You can re-invest now from your Income on Improving Quality, Grow your Team. You can hire someone for editing videos, finding books, researching, and reading books. There are lots of ways you can do it by reinvesting your Income. Now, you bought time by reinvesting your income so that you can do the things of the next level, and you can do phase 2 successfully.

Now, you need to find Sponsorship, if your channel has become successful till this phase. There is a possibility that publishers, writers can approach you for making book summaries, because you have a good audience and you can charge a fee from them. But the book should be really in favor of the audience, the book should be really good. Never do wrong with the audience in life, it is the audience that makes you, if you do wrong, you will not even live. Now the second business model you have generated in Phase 2 is Sponsorship.

Before moving to Phase 3, you must have one website on your business name whatever you want, and also the data of your audience like Email, Contact No, Name etc.

PHASE-3 of Earn Money Online from Books

After Phase 1 & Phase 2 , now you have experience, you have gone through a lot of books, you have done something practically, now a time has come that you share your experience with your audience. Talk about all the books, talk about all the authors, why not be an author yourself. You can share your experience inside that book, write the first book yourself. And if the first book is a success, then you can hire a good ghost writer at the time of writing the next book, tell him your story in verbal form, and he will transform your thoughts into pages.

Income Model : Suppose you have 1 Lakh subscriber base, now you have published one book and the margin of Rs. 100 you will get on one book. Now if 1000 people buy your book, you will earn Rs. 1 Lakh.

PHASE-4 of Earn Money Online from Books

Now you are in Phase 4, what can you do now ? Look, you have a huge audience base who love books, who love to learn, right now you have that kind of network, writers are authors, now you have a printer’s connect, publishers connect, now you can make your own Mini Publishing House. People who want to write books, who have talent. You can help them, because they know how to write, but they do not know how to publish the book. Now the main point is you open a mini publishing house but how to generate income, You can charge a little commission on the books they sell. It is also a way of passive Income for you.

In this Digital Era, with lots of opportunities available in front of you, you need to find out how you can use this.

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