[TOP 8] YouTube Money Making Tips & Tricks (You can Earn Rs.1 Crore)

How to earn money from youtube? You will be able to become a crorepati by staying in the world of YouTube. In this article, you will learn how you can become a crorepati by using YouTube, and in this article, you will learn about 6 topics that famous YouTubers do.


YouTube Adsense income is like a monthly salary, but yes it takes a lot of time to maximize it, and yes there is an interesting thing depending on your genre, your country, and your channel, your monetization, and your salary can be up and down. The income in the channel of fashion, grooming, and blogging is less than that of the channel of comedy. Because CPM (Cost per thousand) is low in these channels.

What is CPM?

CPM sets youtube, and now CPM changes depending on your genre. The comedy genre earns more, tech earns more than that, and below that is fashion, grooming, and below that too fitness. Here is the truth about CPM. So always fashion grooming YouTubers will earn less from youtube AdSense. And one factor that affects the CPM is Country. The CPM is very high in Australia, Europe & American Countries because the Advertisers pay huge amounts to YouTube for sponsored Ads on YouTube.

The CPM website presents one of the different methods used for pricing advertising. Another cost model is the cost per click (CPC), where advertisers pay each time a website visitor clicks on an ad. The cost per click is also known as pay per click (PPC). Cost per acquisition (CPA) is where the advertiser only pays each time a website visitor makes a purchase after clicking on an ad.


If you want to earn more money from monetization on youtube, then YouTubers can earn from brand deals. And this money is much more than monetization, especially in India. Big brands approach YouTubers to promote their own brand inside the videos.

YouTube brand deals are partnerships between Youtubers And brands and are sometimes referred to as “brand sponsorship”. Basically, any YouTuber can partner with a brand to make money online through their video content.

How much do Brand Deals pay on YouTube?

Any content creator with over 10,000 to over 1 million subscribers is considered an Influencer on YouTube. The cost of a brand partnership is consistent with the YouTube influencer’s subscriber base and can range from ₹ 12,000 to ₹ 1 Lakh per video in addition to the additional cost for social media posts. If you want to make a career in YouTube, then brand deals are very important for you.

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People do not follow Instagram and Twitter-like youtube, so if you want to grow on social media, then first you have to grow on youtube, and you can transfer that following to other social media like Twitter Facebook LinkedIn here.

And brands also run more ads on Instagram, so if you get good followers on other social media platforms too, then you can earn even more money than this.

Most micro-influencers with 5-10 thousand followers make an average of 6,531 per post. Creators with 50,000 to 80,000 followers typically charge around 14,843 per post, and ladder creators with 250,000 to 500,000 followers charge about 49,725 per post as you go higher.


Selling your product to your relevant audience is one of the best ways to earn a lot of revenue. All you have to do is provide a service to the viewers and let them know about the products with a link in your video. In this case, a popular toy channel called ‘Ryan’s World’ sells T-shirts and toys on YouTube.

You can sell any physical product, downloadable including e-books, art prints, etc. However, make sure you use a seamless and secure payment gateway before advertising your product.


To make money from advertising, you need to have a lot of Subscribers. In your early stages, you may not be able to rely entirely on advertising revenue because it can take a long time to achieve a significant Subscriber base. However, engaging with brands and reviewing products to earn commissions is one of the most effective ways to monetize YouTube.

If you have an attractive and loyal audience on your channel, you can make a decent living by looking for companies that want to invest in affiliate marketing. Sharing your unique affiliate links in your video description is a perfect opportunity to capture a percentage of sales.


A lucrative opportunity is waiting outside your door. If you are already skilled at informing or educating people about a specific topic, you can earn a decent amount by showing your videos.

You should package your skills and teach a skill relevant to your audience/subscribers through an online course. If your subject and teaching skills are verified by your clients, you can give amazing returns. You can also create your own digital products and sell them through your YouTube channel, including templates, e-books, printable, downloadable, and workshop events.

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If your channel has reached a significant level of subscriber base, then you can provide consultancy services depending on your niche and you can generate more revenue by charging fees from them.

Become a marketing consultant and pay for the services you provide to your audience every hour! Sounds interesting? You can easily achieve this goal by following the methods listed below:

A) If you have to manage one thousand viewers for each video you publish. Even prominent brands and other companies that want to promote their products or services can use your channel and pay you a lot of money. In addition, they can contact you to manage the company’s channels and pay you well.

B) Another way is to consult with the business about the skills that you teach on your channel. You can also offer one-on-one coaching sessions to the audience and charge them according to the time you spend teaching them and the skills you are going to teach them.


One can pay handsomely for gigs where they perform live in niches like comedy, acting, art, magic, prank, or dance. You can host and edit your talent videos live on YouTube. Viewers will love to see you do a live show if you have already built enough customer base. Even if not, this is a great opportunity to help you grow your customer base.

You may have seen different artists, comedians, actors, or dancers from all over the world running shows and getting really good pay. You can reach the same level by creating your own gig and uploading it to your personal channel.

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