[11 TRENDING WAYS] to Earn 1,00,000 (1 Lakh) from YouTube

The Internet has provided opportunities to earn and fulfill dreams. YouTube a product of google has provided opportunities to earn not just livelihood but an alternate source of earning. While starting the work on Youtube, many users are in dilemma-

  • Will I get income if I will not get a million views?
  • If my channel is not monetized, I don’t have any other source of earnings?
  • Am I unable to generate income online?

[11 TRENDING WAYS] to Earn 100000 (1 Lakh) from YouTube

Let’s get clear about the world of YouTube. The objective of this article is to develop the vediopreneurs. Before becoming vediopreneur let’s know who is an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur identifies the problems in society and provides the solutions. He adds value to the life of others.

Let’s see the 11 most powerful ideas that can make your YouTube app a source of earnings. These 11 methods are complete business ideas. You can adopt any once you can adopt multiple as well according to your interest and capabilities. It is also possible that some of the methods are not applicable to you because they may not support your interest.

1 Affiliate Marketing

It’s an old marketing concept and digital version of referral marketing. For instance, you consumed a product. You liked it and you recommended it to your friend. In the digital concept when you suggest a product to your viewers and they buy it by clicking on the link you provided you get a commission. Furthermore, if you are making videos related to painting and in the description box, you are giving the link to brushes, sheets, and other materials for the painting. It can be on any shopping site like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You can select the products as per if interest area.

2 Books Publishing

Book publishing is a very big industry in itself. There are several tools available online to publish. If you are making content on YouTube, it means you know the significance of content. And being a content developer, you can easily document your thoughts. During your YouTube video, you can discuss and quote your book with a link to buy it from an online store. So, you can launch yourself as a writer.

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Products Selling

You can sell your own products as well via YouTube. For example, you have a cookery channel on youtube and you are suggesting recipes and their ideas. Some of your viewers would like to buy the perfect combination of spices you made. So if there is a scope available for the products to sell. You can sell your products also via your channel. If you are a fitness expert and you are making videos related to it you can also merchandise the products of your own you can t-shirts, caps, bottles with your logo, etc.

4 Brand Labelling

Some people are good at manufacturing, and other business operations but not good at marketing and sales promotion. You can buy the products in bulk given your marketing label. You will advertise the products of your channel. Make sure that you are marketing and selling products that are related to your target area. For example, your video content is about fitness so you must not sell products related to the furniture.

Such ideas need investments if you are ready to take the risk, you can start the business. Further, you need to have the business acumen to target the customer and selection of products also.

5 Ecommerce Business

If you are not interested to start your own brand or you already have your business and you want to enter into the digital business arena. You can start your work by selling the products. Display them on your youtube channel. Most important give the link so that interested customers can buy it online or contact you for the same. This method of business is very popular you can find numerous sellers of Indian dress materials.

6 Online Coaching

Doesn’t matter that you are a student or teacher but if you know a topic very well you can go ahead and start your online coaching via youtube. There are students who are looking for simple solutions to their academic problems. You can be a lifesaver for them. Apart from academics, you can coach on photography, drawing, yoga, fitness, motivation, or some other field.

7 Freelancing

Voiceover, editing the content, and scriptwriting are some of the most growing fields for freelancers. Apart from that motivation and public speaking coaches can also do freelancing. Apart from the above digital marketing, graphics are also some of the areas you can select the area as per your interest. Here you don’t need to make the video. You will work in the background. For the small movies, you can write scripts, dialogs, quotes


While a customer orders a product from your link the order reaches the vendor and he delivers the product. Dropshipping is an important area of concern because you need to ensure that the product must reach the customer on time.

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Keynote Speaking

For the people who love to speak in public gatherings. You can showcase your knowledge via youtube. Various industries and colleges require keynote speakers (experts of a specific subject) for guest lectures, training programs, conferences, seminars, etc. Your prospective clients can approach you by watching your youtube videos. On the other hand, in the due course of time with your expertise, your subscribers will increase. You will get income from youtube and also as a keynote speaker at events.

10 Subscription Model

You can start a subscription service. On YouTube, you can create a paid community of your subscribers. You can select your area of service and you can start the subscription. Online yoga and fitness training are on-trend same you can do the online coaching of subjects. Make sure your subscribers are creating premium content that is different from other service providers on youtube.

11 Service Providing

Check the services available in your field of interest. You can create content on youtube related to those services as well it will attract the viewers to your channel. Fitness enthusiasts are giving suggestions related to the right diet. It will also help them to get paid subscribers. You can find various doctors giving their services and enhancing their income. If you have interest and expertise in the stock market you can create videos. When your viewers will start getting benefits the number of subscribers will increase. So we were discussing the problem of fewer subscribers it will get solved.

I would like to add an important thing here if you can start any work discussed above. But you need to keep patience. As a tree don’t give fruits as we sow seeds. Businesses don’t start giving returns instantly. You must be consistent in making and uploading videos, always add value and keep improving the content.


So dear readers by this article I tried to give you an insight into the earning opportunities via YouTube. I hope this will help you to find an alternate source of earnings. I would like to wrap up with the lines that the sky has no limits you just need to open your wings. Thank you.

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