[12 Best Ways] to Earn Money Online | How to Earn 50k per month Online

[12 Best Ways] to Earn Money Online How to Earn 50k per month Online

Living cost is increasing day by day and nowadays even college students are looking for ways to share their family’s financial burden. If you are reading this article somewhere in your mind you wish to give a better life to yourself and your family too.

Here we are going to discuss 12 earning ways while you are working in your job also. These 12 ways are not restricted to a particular class of people. But yes it depends on your skills and your expertise.

Furthermore, it includes how much time you can devote to this work and how much you want to earn. These are not instant ways to earn money and can not replace existing jobs in one go. But in the next three to five years you would be able to replace your regular income with this side income.

Side Income Ideas to Earn Money Online [12 IDEAS]

The past two years of Covid-19 told us that we can earn while sitting at home as well. It has created several opportunities to work in remote locations. Housewives who were working women earlier started working from home using their free time to earn. Several talented individuals who were laid off from their jobs started earning from home. These jobs are more freelancer jobs where you can work for multiple clients.

Let’s check these 12 ways a little deeper.

1 Content Management

There are several people from the media, politics, and entertainment fields who look forward to connecting with people. They want to express their views so that their followers will increase. On the other hand, the existing followers will become loyal. Management of social media is content management this job is also a work-from-home job. You need to have skills like scheduling tasks and publishing content at the right time.

2 Virtual Assistant

Many businesses around us are looking for virtual assistants. These assistants never attend the meetings with the bosses. These people help in scheduling meetings, answer emails, may take some of the meetings, etc. You can become and virtual assistant to someone.

This is a golden opportunity for the students studying in the final years of their courses to learn from business tycoons, that how they manage their businesses.

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3 Discord Server Creators/ Discord Server Moderators

Discord is a free application (app) for voice, video, and text chat. It can be used on any operating system and is available in 30 languages. It is a social media platform. Initially, it was made for gamers but now everyone is using it to share their interest, hobbies, and community.

It increases efficiency while working in a team. If you have small knowledge of IT you can be a server creator or moderator for a specific community or group of people.

4 NFTs (Non-Fungible Token)

Non-fungible refers to non-replaceable. You can imagine limited edition cars, paintings, books, or some merchandisers with the signature of celebrities, they are irreplaceable. Further, if you know about blockchain you can easily understand tokens. If you don’t, no worries let’s have it in short. Whenever you do an online transaction, it is recorded at various servers.

So till now, we were purchasing books, clothes, etc. What if you are buying an image, a movie, or music. We need to prove that ownership is done by creating NFT. An NFT is a legitimate way to transfer the ownership of a digital item available on inter. You will earn your livelihood in bitcoins

5 Video Editing

The Internet has opened opportunities for actors, models, and individuals interested in making or directing movies. To create their video content. Moreover, colleges and universities are now moving towards blended learning that includes developing online content and teaching in offline classes as well. NPTEL is the latest example.

Videos of the online courses are edited by video editors. Video editors are in high demand because there are very few editors available and every video creator wants a high-quality video to get a good response from viewers.

6 Audio Editing

Audio has the same influence on the audience as the video has. If the video is of good quality but the audio is not clear it will be of no use. To create high-quality content on any of the platforms like youtube or podcasts, everyone needs an audio editor. If you know the tools and techniques of editing audio you can earn as a freelance audio editor.

7 Transcription

This is the art to present a speech or sign language into written text. It’s a golden opportunity for people who are aware of foreign languages like French, German, etc.

The job of a transcriptionist is to listen to the video and document it. This job needs patience in listening and good writing skills as well. You can transcript the movies, series, or other videos in other languages as per the requirement of your clients.

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8 Paid Newsletter

Are you passionate about your hobby? Spread the knowledge about your passion with a newsletter. For instance, your area of passion is music. You can start a newsletter related to music. In the newsletter, you can give information about the upcoming concert.

Some articles on history, or trends in that field. In the future, you can release the paid version of the newsletter if you receive a good response to your efforts.

9 Affiliate Marketing

If you have followers on the social media platform you can use this idea for earning a side income. Recommend the products and services in your video content on you-tube, Instagram, or Facebook. Mention the link so your viewers can reach the site you are recommending.

You will get paid for the conversion of clients. If you are planning to become an affiliate you must take care of certain things.

  • Study the products or services you are planning to affiliate with first. Your viewers trust you so your trust is at stake if they would have a bad experience.
  • Try to use the product or service before recommending it.
  • Make sure the product or service is somehow connected with your concept.

If all goes well it will not just increase your side income, increase subscribers to your channel.

10 Online Tutoring

If you are a subject expert, you can start your youtube channel and teach the aspirants. Several students are unable to afford the costly coaching. Online tutoring increases the views on your channel. It will further increase your income.

Apart from coaching the aspirants of the competitive examinations. You can give the reviews of books, you can present the solutions of books that have numerical. It will help the students to find the solutions to practical problems in a specific book.

11 Content Writing

If you are passionate about writing and you can play with words this job is for you. It can be further classified as brand writing, poetry, professional writing, or report writing. You can do this work from home for national and international clients. The payment system can be based on words, paragraphs, pages, etc.

12 Graphic Designing

The individuals who possess knowledge of designing CorelDraw, photoshop, and other designing software can get paid at home.

Graphic designing includes creating designs for social media posts, corporate presentations, advertisements, banners, hoardings, magazines, and many more. Graphic designers are highly in demand for all the above jobs.


I hope this article has ignited you to find your passion. If you found it then follow it and express it to the world. Hobbies are those which can be continued as a career. I hope that slowly and gradually you will make your hobby a primary income source. Love what you do, do what you love.

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