39 Small Business Ideas to Start with Only 2000 Rupees (in 2024)

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Are you a homemaker? Or would you want to do anything in your leisure time? Want to earn income in addition to the fixed-job (Sustainable Business Ideas) in some other way? Then this report is especially for you. Today I am going to discuss 5 special small but productive businesses that can be known and profitable in just a few days.

1 Jam, Jelly Making Business

Jam, Jelly Making Business Idea

Nowadays almost everyone keeps more or less different flavors of jam, jelly, etc. in their house. Because it is full of different flavors as it is made from different fruits, it is not one of the most ideal ways to serve fast food. Before going to the office or school, college, or tuition in the busy morning, if you put bread and jam or jelly on the plate yourself or the small members of the house, it will be empty in no time.

The sooner the plate is empty, the sooner jam, and jelly can be made. Apart from cookbooks these days, there are numerous recipes for making jams and jellies on the internet. Seeing these, tasty jams or jelly can easily be made in a few minutes with fresh fruit or fruit essence. Of course, after cooling, they should be kept in glass bottles or jars.

Now you can start this business by testing the samples of your prepared jam and jelly in different shops, markets, and traders. And the very small amount of money it will cost to make it surely needs no further mention.

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2 Honey Production Business Idea

Honey Production Business Idea

Honey is needed for everything from skincare to eating habits. It is a valuable natural ingredient that is used by everyone from newborns to children. Nowadays, training in honey production is given through various government projects.

Those who are interested can start with training by gaining more knowledge about honey production and extraction. Honey is something that stays good all year round. With only a few bighas of land in a very small range. This honey can be produced. And once you can set up this business, you will be able to export a lot of honey at home and abroad.

3 Soft Toys Making Business Idea

Soft Toys Making Business Idea

There are many types of soft toys available in everyone’s home these days. And if there is a small child in the house, then there is no question. Many people use these to decorate the house. So this type of business can be started with a small investment. For this, first, you have to sew the cutting shells of soft toys well. After that, if you fill it with soft toy fur and sew it, the soft toy will be made.

This work can be done first by being associated with a factory. This business can be easily started later by buying sewing machines and raw materials required for the business at home. And if the business profit increases further, automatic or semi-automatic machines can be bought, with the help of which everything from crop filling to sewing can be done without any hassle in a very short time.

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4 Candle-Making Business

Candle Making Business Idea

Candles are another craftsman’s joy since they may be fashioned from a variety of materials that correspond to the creator’s mood or goal.

Candlemakers may deal with a variety of waxes, oils, smells, colors, and forms.

Candle manufacturing is a fantastic home craft business idea since it has a minimal initial cost and the market for beautiful candles is expected to expand in the future years.

The DIY candle-making market is anticipated to grow to $5 billion by 2026, according to MarketWatch. Handmade candles are popular because they are manufactured from safe, sustainable ingredients and make a fantastic gift.

With over 76% of candle purchasers perceiving them as ideal Christmas gifts, now is an excellent moment to launch a candle-making business.

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5 DIY Jewelry Making Business As A Jewelry Designer

DIY Jewelry Making Business As A Jewelry Designer

Jewelry is a timeless art that may be made in a range of designs and costs. Jewelry is the most successful craft company and one of the most popular goods on Etsy.

Make your jewelry out of beads, stones, and other precious materials.

This is not mean that you must just make jewelry out of pricey materials. Simple macrame, wooden, resin, and polymer clay jewelry products are becoming increasingly popular, and if properly marketed, they may bring high returns.

Beginners should start with simple crafts like bracelets and earrings to learn about the best materials and equipment to utilize. Online lessons may teach you the fundamentals of jewelry manufacturing.

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6 Soap Maker Business

Soap Making Business Idea

Soap producers are in the same situation as candle makers in that they may make their goods using a choice of natural substances. Homemade soaps and associated goods are currently the most popular handcrafted things to sell.

With the increased demand for organic and cruelty-free skincare products, it is realistic to expect the handmade soap sector to expand in the next years. While selling homemade soap may appear to be an easy task at first, it takes many hours of research and testing to create something that people will want to buy.

When it comes to mixing up batches of soap, soap-makers have a limitless range of alternatives, ranging from shea butter and coconut oil to essential oils.

7 Designer Mat, Table Cloth Manufacturing Business

Every office and home has Mat, Table cloth. There are many types of rubber, plastic, and fabric tablecloths sold these days. However, hand-woven rugs of various designs or table cloths have a special status among the buyers.

So you can start making hand-woven rugs and tablecloths if you want. It may take a while to do this at first, but within a month, speed will come to you and you will be able to weave many designer rugs and table cloths together. So in just 2000 rupees, you can start your business by buying some designer clothes, yarn, cut for knitting, needles, etc.

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8 Powder Spice Business

Powder Spice Business Idea

Cooked without spices and sweet with less sweetness, the two seem almost one species. Everyone knows that batter masala increases the taste of food several times more than powder masala. However, in today’s busy schedule, almost 98 percent of people cook quickly with powdered spices. There are many ready-made packets of spices available in the market these days.

You can also start this type of business if you want. You can buy these essential whole spices like dried turmeric, chilies, pepper, cloves, cardamom, cumin, coriander, etc. from the wholesale market and break them from the market and make packets of them at home. But of course, don’t forget to give the business a name to gain recognition before selling.

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9 Momo, Fuchka, Pasta, Noodles Business

Momo, Fuchka, Pasta, Noodles Business Idea

Doing any one of these four businesses can benefit you in a very short time. These days, whether it is a small shop or a big restaurant, these dishes are found everywhere. If you want, you can rent a small shop or decorate your house like a shop.

A variety of momos, pasta, and noodles can be made both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. And if you want to sell packaged pasta and noodles at a wholesale market, then of course you can easily make different types of pressed pasta at home by knowing pasta recipes online or from various cookbooks.

On the other hand, you can also do noodle cutting by buying a machine at a low cost. If you want, you can buy a machine for making pasta. And whether it’s a buffet in a neighborhood street shop on a street corner or a restaurant or a function house, Fuchka is always a super duper hit. Once you start this business, you will never look back.

10 Freelance Writing Services

Start a freelance writing business where you provide content creation, editing, and proofreading services to clients. You can find work on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr or approach businesses directly. Invest your initial budget in a professional website, portfolio, and tools like grammar checkers or plagiarism detectors to enhance your services.

11 Handmade Jewelry

Craft and sell handcrafted jewelry pieces, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Use your creative skills to design unique jewelry, and market your products on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Allocate some funds for purchasing quality beads, wires, and jewelry-making tools.

12 Tutoring

Offer personalized tutoring services in subjects you excel in, be it math, science, or languages. Advertise your tutoring services through flyers in local schools, community centers, and social media platforms. Use your initial investment for study materials, teaching aids, and transportation to students’ locations.

13 Plant Nursery

Start a small plant nursery where you grow and sell various plants, from flowering ones to succulents. To begin, purchase seeds, pots, potting soil, and basic gardening tools. Market your nursery products at local farmers’ markets and online gardening forums.

14 Pet Sitting

Offer pet-sitting services to pet owners who need someone trustworthy to care for their animals while they’re away. Allocate funds for pet supplies, such as food, water bowls, and leashes. Advertise your services through flyers, pet-related websites, and word-of-mouth referrals.

15 Custom Greeting Cards

Create and sell personalized greeting cards for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. Invest in art supplies, paper, and printing equipment to bring your unique card designs to life. Promote your business on Etsy and at local craft fairs.

16 Mobile Car Wash

Launch a mobile car wash service, providing convenience to busy individuals who want their vehicles cleaned at their location. Allocate your budget for high-quality cleaning products, pressure washers, and transportation. Advertise your services through local ads and on social media.

17 Digital Marketing Consultancy

Offer digital marketing consultancy services to businesses looking to improve their online presence. Invest in online courses and tools to enhance your expertise. Start by creating a professional website and using your budget for initial marketing efforts.

18 Homemade Candle Making

Craft and sell homemade candles with unique scents and designs. Your initial investment can go into buying wax, fragrance oils, wicks, and molds. Build an online presence through social media and platforms like Etsy.

19 Event Photography

If you have photography skills and equipment, offer event photography services for weddings, parties, and corporate events. Use your initial budget to improve your photography gear and create a professional portfolio. Market your services through social media, networking, and collaboration with event planners.

20 Mobile Phone Repair

Learn basic mobile phone repair techniques and provide repair services. Invest in essential tools and spare parts, focusing on popular phone models. Build a local reputation through word-of-mouth referrals and online listings.

21 Fitness Coaching

Become a certified fitness coach and offer personalized workout and nutrition plans to clients. Allocate your initial funds for certifications, fitness equipment, and marketing materials. Build an online presence through a website and social media.

22 Cooking Classes

Share your culinary expertise by offering cooking classes. Invest in kitchen equipment, ingredients, and marketing materials. Create a website to showcase your class offerings and engage with potential students.

23 Graphic Design

Provide graphic design services to businesses in need of logos, marketing materials, and branding. Use your budget to purchase design software, stock images, and a professional portfolio website. Market your services through online freelancing platforms and social media.

24 Yoga Instruction

Become a certified yoga instructor and offer yoga classes to individuals or groups. Allocate funds for yoga mats, props, and marketing efforts. Promote your classes through local yoga studios and social media.

25 Bicycle Repair

Set up a bicycle repair shop, catering to cyclists in your area. Invest in bicycle repair tools, replacement parts, and a workspace. Advertise your services through local bike shops and online forums for cycling enthusiasts.

26 Custom Clothing Alterations

Offer clothing alteration services to help customers achieve the perfect fit. Invest in sewing machines, threads, and measuring tools. Promote your services through local tailors, clothing stores, and social media.

27 Home Cleaning Services

Start a home cleaning service by investing in cleaning supplies and equipment. Advertise your services through local ads, flyers, and online platforms. Build a reputation for reliability and quality work.

28 Digital Art Sales

Create digital art and sell it online through platforms like Etsy or Redbubble. Use your budget to acquire digital art software, a graphics tablet, and marketing materials. Build a strong online presence to attract art enthusiasts.

29 E-book Publishing

Write and publish e-books on platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing. Your initial investment can go into writing software, cover design, and marketing efforts. Focus on a niche or genre you’re passionate about.

30 Language Translation Services

Offer language translation services to individuals and businesses looking to communicate across language barriers. Invest in dictionaries, translation software, and language proficiency tests. Market your services to businesses expanding internationally.

31 Homemade Soap Making

Craft and sell handmade soaps using natural ingredients. Allocate your initial budget for soap-making supplies like oils, lye, fragrances, and molds. Build an online store and promote your products on social media.

32 Car Detailing

Provide car detailing services to enhance the appearance of vehicles. Invest in detailing products, buffers, and cleaning materials. Offer packages for various levels of car detailing.

33 Mobile Haircutting

If you’re a licensed hairstylist, offer mobile haircutting services for the convenience of clients. Invest in professional hairstyling tools, products, and transportation. Advertise your services through social media and local directories.

34 Home-Based Catering

If you have culinary skills, start a home-based catering business. Allocate your initial budget for kitchen equipment, ingredients, and packaging. Market your catering services through social media and local event planners.

35 Organic Farming

If you have access to land, consider organic farming. Invest in seeds, organic fertilizers, and gardening tools. Promote your organic produce at local farmers’ markets and through community-supported agriculture (CSA) subscriptions.

36 Used Bookstore

Launch a used bookstore with a diverse collection of second-hand books. Your initial budget can cover the purchase of books and rent for a small storefront. Create an inviting atmosphere and host book-related events.

37 Phone Accessories Store

Sell mobile phone accessories like cases, chargers, and screen protectors. Allocate funds for initial inventory and display fixtures. Set up shop in a high-traffic area or start an e-commerce store.

38 Resume Writing Services

Offer professional resume writing services to job seekers. Invest in resume templates, industry knowledge, and marketing materials. Build a professional website to showcase your services and attract clients.

39 Eco-friendly Products

Create or source eco-friendly products such as reusable shopping bags, bamboo toothbrushes, or eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Allocate funds for sourcing or producing these items and create an online store. Promote sustainability and eco-conscious living.

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