[TOP 48] Low Investment Business Ideas for this YEAR (to Earn Rs. 50k per month)

Do you need an amazing business idea? Continue reading for suggestions on how to establish and run a profitable business in this year. After all, there is a need for such a small business idea, which we can start sitting at home with low cost or without investing anything, which has high potential that means if you must grow that business, then you can grow this business on a big level.

You can do it too. So, through this article, you are going to know some such business ideas, which you can start sitting at home with little or no investment, and if you want to do it on a large scale, then you can establish yourself as a startup.

1 Delivery

On-demand delivery services have exploded in popularity in recent years. Most people prefer purchasing goods online, covering anything from meals and groceries to prescriptions and laundry, as their dependence on the internet and app-based services grows. Because of the increased popularity of on-demand apps, delivery firms are now profitable. All you need is a solid delivery fleet and delivery management software to assist you to manage the entire operation.

When considering various delivery service business ideas, examine your geography, the demands and consumer expectations in that place, your initial investment amount, and, most crucially, the breadth of your selected delivery concept in your area/city. Food delivery, for example, may be popular in metropolitan areas where people choose to order in rather than cook every day, but this may not be the case in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

  1. [TOP 48] Low Investment Business Ideas for this YEAR to Earn 50k per monthFood Delivery

  2. Grocery Delivery

  3. Pick-up and Delivery

  4. Courier

  5. Logistics

  6. Pharmacy Delivery

  7. E-Commerce and Retail

  8. Furniture Delivery and Assembly

  9. Laundry

2 Rent

According to data from the United States, the rental services business has been gradually rising since the recession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics This sort of company may hire out everything from little party supplies to complete homes. So, if you want to establish this sort of business, here are 10 distinct areas to think about.

  1. Car Rental

  2. Bicycle Rental

  3. Party Rental

  4. Room Rental

  5. Tool Rental

  6. Event Venue Rental

  7. Vacation Rental

  8. Campsite Rental

  9. Camp Equipment Rental

3 Voiceover

A voice-over company creates unique recordings for clients depending on a variety of requirements. The company functions effectively as both an offline and online service. Your clients may require voice-over work for a variety of reasons. These include varied length movies, presentations, video games, and several other services. The possibility to run the firm entirely online, if desired, makes it an appealing enterprise with potentially cheap investment and overhead. Here the investment is very low approx. Rs. 500 – 600 for buying a good quality Microphone.

  1. Voice over for videos

  2. Voice over for Commercial Ads

  3. Sell Radio Ads

  4. Create Audiobook

4 Gift Hampers

If you are a creative person who enjoys putting things together in an appealing manner, this company is ideal for you. However, if you want to transform your pastime into a lucrative business, you must consider some important factors.

It is, without a doubt, a very profitable enterprise. Furthermore, by operating from home, the firm avoids the costs associated with owning an establishment. Furthermore, if you already have a 9 to 5 job, you can consider establishing this business. Making and selling gift baskets is therefore a viable earning possibility for women, mothers, housewives, and students.

Gift baskets are often specialty gifts. As a result, you must organize the basket in accordance with your client’s criteria. Some of the most common basket types include

  1. Baby shower gift basket

  2. Christmas and other holiday gift basket

  3. Baby and beauty gift baskets

  4. Birthday Gift Basket

  5. Valentine Day Gift Basket

  6. Wedding Gift Basket

  7. Retirement Gift Basket

5 Indoor Plants

As with any other business, you must begin with a license and, depending on local restrictions, liability insurance. If you want to start small, you can start with as little as 200 square feet. You can also raise it over time.

You will need to buy high-quality indoor plants and supply them with a clean atmosphere. Following that, you’ll need to create some marketing materials to assist you attract your first clients. At first, a website and business cards are useful. And some further marketing through friends, relatives, and so on will suffice.

Establishing solid relationships with local nurseries is also an effective tactic that may be helpful to you. You can form a partnership with them in the future and collaborate more effectively.

To expand your indoor plants company, you may provide extra services such as home delivery, plant care kits, designer containers with the plants, and so on.

6 Healthy Meal Delivery

Nowadays people are mostly getting diverted towards healthy meals, there are many such people who go to gym who do yoga, basically they are very conscious about their physical fitness, such people like to eat high protein and low calorie food, which It should not be too spicy, oily, chili and salt should not be too much, this type of healthy food startup can grow very much. The faster your gym is growing in your cities, the faster your startup can also grow.

A healthy diet contains nutrient-dense foods from all major food categories, such as lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, and colorful fruits and vegetables.

You can generate a huge revenue from these businesses, because the recurring revenue model is working here, when any person purchases healthy food from you. They didn’t purchase it one time, they will take it daily.

7 Reselling

For first-time entrepreneurs, being a reseller is a good startup option. These reselling company ideas are perfect for first-time entrepreneurs since they have cheap initial costs, less risk, and possibly larger profit margins. Here are some of the best reselling business ideas given below

  1. Drop shipping Reselling

  2. Amazon reseller business opportunity

  3. Used and Vintage Cloth Reseller

  4. Fine art resale dealer

  5. Resale designer clothing boutique

  6. Luxury Handbags Reselling

  7. Jewelry Reseller

  8. Resell Services

8 Digital Marketing Agency

The expanding age of digital marketing has opened several outlets for various firms. This marketing domain has grown exponentially over the last decade and is an ever-expanding industry.

Every business is working on its website, internet marketing, social media, campaigns, and other initiatives. You just need to restrict your focus on how you may affect this internet market with your digital marketing agency firm.

If you want to start a digital marketing service business, there are some fantastic specialized high-paying easy digital business ideas you may attempt.

Here are some of the ideas listed below related to Digital Marketing Agency

  1. Content Marketing

  2. Video Marketing

  3. SEO Specialist Firm

  4. Affiliate Marketing Consultancy

  5. Instagram Influencer

  6. Social Media Marketing Agency

  7. Digital Marketing Analyst

  8. Mobile Marketing Consultancy

9 HR Recruiter Agency

You will have to put a little mind into this business, but you can earn a lot of money through this business. And this is the business of HR recruiter agents, HR means human resource. An HR recruiter is one who hires people for the company.

There are many big companies, there are startups who must hire people, let’s come to the HR recruiter, as the company wants, see the requirements of the company, whatever candidates the agency has if their CV matches So the interviews are taken. And this is the work of the agency, the candidates connect with the company, and the company gives them 1 month salary instead of the candidates, and the candidate also pays some amount to the company.

Here the main thing is you must have connections, because when any candidates search any job at that time you must connect with these companies to provide a placement of the candidate or vice-versa.

10 Processed Vegetable Delivery

This business has come in many metro cities and gradually this business is also starting in tier 2, tier 3 cities is also starting in this business, basically you must buy vegetables and according to the customer’s requirement you need to chop these vegetables and after that wash these vegetables properly and pack.

In this business you can get more orders, suppose you are delivering this processed vegetable in 500 flats and if you are getting ₹ 20 profit from each flat, then you can generate ₹ 10000 income every day, this is a very good business plan for you, if you want to start a processed food delivery business and as soon as you are getting more customers, then you can You can create an app or your own website so that the customer places his order through that app or website and you get it delivered.

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