Mr. Indian Hacker – Dilraj Singh Rawat (YouTuber) Biography

Dilraj Singh Rawat is well known online as Mr. Indian Hacker (his YouTube channel name). He creates films of perilous experiments that we only see in movies and not in real life.

✅ Early Life and Career

Dilraj was born on January 8, 1996, in the lovely city of Ajmer, Rajasthan. He has always enjoyed doing experiments since he was a youngster. He was a good student who went to Dav Senior Secondary School in Ajmer and Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan Government College in Ajmer for his education.

Mr. Indian Hacker - Dilraj Singh Rawat (YouTuber) BiographyBecause of his love of experiments and interest in science, he began uploading his experiments on YouTube. He started his Mr. Indian Hacker channel on 21 June 2012, although his debut video, “How to breach a lock without a key,” was released on 24 January 2017.

Dilraj has dreamed of creating a career on YouTube since he was a child. He believes that people should prioritize expanding their practical knowledge above improving their academic knowledge.

Despite having no expertise in YouTube, he launched his channel, which currently has over 9.25 million followers.

He puts safety first in all of his experiment films, which is why he states in the disclaimer that there is titanium in our blood and you should not do it at home. He conducts all of his tests in the company of experts.

✅ YouTube Channel & Stats

Dilraj has two YouTube channels where he posts videos on Life Cool Hacks, Science, and Experiment.

On 21 June 2012, he launched his Mr. Indian Hacker channel, and as of June 2022, he had published 803 videos with 4,435,463,136 views.

Dilraj Singh is his second YouTube channel, which he launched on August 4, 2017. He has over 1.56 million subscribers as of June 2022, with over 312,289,131 views on 67 videos.

Dilraj comes from a middle-class household and belongs to the Rajput caste. He is married, and he, like every other prominent person, keeps his personal life private. Similarly, little information regarding his personal life has been provided. Yes, but I’ll post an update as soon as I acquire this information.

✅ Networth

Youtuber from India Mr. Indian Hacker’s monthly income ranges from Rs.55 to Rs.63 lakh, with Google Adsense and brand endorsements accounting for the majority of his earnings.

Mr. Indian Hacker’s Youtube revenue is determined by the number of video views on his three YouTube channels; his estimated monthly income from YouTube is $61k-67k (Google Adsense)

✅ Some lesser-known facts about Dilraj Singh

  • In 2020, he will be 24 years old (DOB 08 January 1996), and he claims to have learned “lessons from his life more than schooling and education.”
  • Dilraj has experienced Sinusitis since he was a toddler. The nasal bone also enlarges or becomes oblique with this illness, making breathing difficult. The individual suffering from this ailment has difficulty breathing in cold air, dust, or smoke, among other things. But now that his procedure is over, he is fully well.
  • Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff are his favorite actors, and AR Rahman, Sonu Nigam, and Arijit Singh are his favorite singers.
  • He is a humble man, and he has never boasted about having so many subscribers on his YouTube channels.
  • He refers to his supporters as the “Titanium Army.”

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