[9 Points] How Dubai Became So Rich (Case Study) DUBAI के पास इतना पैसा कहाँ से आया

Who does not want to stare at Dubai today, who does not know about the richness of Dubai (UAE) today? How the people of Dubai became rich is a secret. But today I will give information about the richness and richness of Dubai (UAE) that after all, how the people of Dubai became rich, today will take the curtain from it. Today I will tell you about the secret of Dubai (UAE), how did Dubai become so rich? After all, who is Dubai sheik? How do they rule their country? What is the constitution of Dubai? Are Dubai Laws Strict? How are the law and order?

After all, from where did so much money come to Dubai? How did Dubai set up such a huge gold market of its own, did Rocky Bhai not supply gold there? Where did so many opportunities come from in Dubai? So today we will try to know about all these issues. So today we will know in detail one thing about Dubai.

1 What is the story behind Dubai becoming rich?

The highest tallest buildings in the whole world are in Dubai and at the same time such expensive rooms, only after listening to them, people can comfort their minds by looking only from outside. There was only sand everywhere in Dubai, neither it was possible to build houses nor big buildings on the sand there.

And even if you go for a walk in it, then you charge money for it, they also charge a lot.

Dubai did not even have any source of any kind of water, nor any means, so how did Dubai become so rich? Have a big question? Neither did Dubai have its food, nor did Dubai have its water, nor did it have any kind of mineral, nor did it have its gold? But today it has the largest gold market in the world. So after all where did all this come to Dubai, how did such a big change come, after all, whose hand is behind it. Behind this is the hand of Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of the United Arab Emirates.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruling Vice President and Prime Minister of Dubai (UAE), was born on 15 July 1949. Some people think that Dubai has become rich by selling oil, but it is nothing like that. Dubai generates only 1% of its revenue from oil, then where did Dubai get so much money from? She first made Dubai Tax Free. She made such an island in which many houses can be built and by selling it generated a lot of revenue.

2 Dubai (UAE) has been made Tax Free Zone

[9 Points] How Dubai Became So Rich (Case Study) DUBAI के पास इतना पैसा कहाँ से आयाSheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum made Dubai completely tax-free. First of all, Dubai is also a very big tourist hub, where millions of people keep coming to visit there every day. Dubai has made such a thing that by which people are attracted and keep coming to visit Dubai in very large numbers. Dubai generates a lot of revenue, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum made Dubai a financial hub, so many people come here and invest here very easily.

Whatever Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum does in Dubai, he will either be at number one or will be in the top 10. If you build a mall, you will build the world’s largest Dubai mall; if you build a tower, you will build the world’s largest tower, you will build Burj Khalifa. In Dubai, he made a palm design island Palm Island which is designed in the shape of a palm leaf.

Many buildings have been built on the side of this leaf design and generated revenue by selling the people there. Built an underwater bridge, and made an underwater court to play tennis.

Built the world’s largest hotel built the world’s largest luxury 7-star hotel. In which the common man can’t go, the people of India enter very easily, especially wearing slippers, but in the hotel where you cannot go wearing slippers, it is not allowed. Before going to that hotel, you have to make a booking, only then you will be able to get a room somewhere there.

3 What is the law and order of Dubai?

Some people will be surprised to know about the law of Dubai, I wish such a system was in all countries. Especially in our country, which would have benefited the government a lot, inside Dubai you cannot keep your car dirty for a long time, otherwise, you will be fined. What’s more, you can’t even wash the car by yourself. A separate car washing chamber has been made in Dubai for that, you cannot get the car washed by a common man anywhere like this. If your car is dirty then automatically 200 dirhams are deducted from your account.

Which is about 4000 rupees in Indian rupees, the law and order system of Dubai is so strict that hardly any country will have such a strict law system. The police system there is a very digital smart police system. In which there is not much need for police, that is, you will not see even a single policeman on the road there because there is no accident there, nor do people there break the rules while there are no police.

You can guess from this how strict is the law and order of Dubai, if you make even a small mistake, then you have to pay a fine for it. Dubai Police is considered to be the richest police in the world. The car of Dubai Police is a very luxury car which is very expensive than the police vehicles of other countries.

  1. You cannot take there anything that is absolutely against or against the religion of Islam and does not like it. Drugs, intoxicants, alcohol, and adult books cannot be taken, if caught under these conditions then you can also be sentenced to death.
  2. If caught in Dubai preaching any other religion, then he is punished severely.
  3. You cannot do evil of any religion there, even if caught doing so, there is a provision of punishment.
  4. While taking a photo, if a photo of an unknown person comes in a photo other than you, then it is also against the law, for this, there is a provision of punishment. And you cannot even photograph the government office building here. You cannot even photograph an unknown girl here.
  5. You cannot insult the religion of Islam there, there is a provision of strict punishment if you are caught doing this.
  6. In Dubai, no girl can make a false rape case against a boy, if found wrong, there is a provision of punishment of 3 to 5 years for the girl.
  7. According to the Saria law, no girl can wear transparent clothes or wear tight clothes.
  8. Boys and girls cannot walk holding each other’s hands in public places.
  9. If a couple is caught romancing somewhere outside, then they are sentenced to death.
  10. Being an Islamic country, alcohol and other intoxicants are completely banned here, only a few authorized hotels have the right to sell them.
  11. If caught drinking alcohol in a public place, he is certain to go to jail.
  12. If a girl gets married and if she has an affair with someone else, then in that case the death sentence is given.
  13. In Dubai, you cannot share your room with others, there is a provision of severe punishment if caught doing so. This is completely illegal.
  14. The law becomes more strict during Ramadan, you cannot eat in public places.
  15. No boy or girl can stay in a hotel alone, it is completely illegal. Any boy or girl can live only if he is above 18 years of age. Also, the stay in the hotel should be signed by any guardian of the house.
  16. It is considered bad to do anything there with the left hand, such as eating food with the left hand, opening the door, shaking hands, etc. To give something to someone with the left hand.
  17. There is no special address made in Dubai, you should know the name of a special famous building to go somewhere.
  18. If a girl goes to the water park, she has to wear a special type of swimming costume there.
  19. Drugs are completely banned in Dubai, if caught with drugs, only he is immediately sentenced to death.
  20. Tax is not charged by the people there, only oil companies, gas companies, and owners of big hotels are charged tax. Alcohol is taxed up to 50%.
  21. In Dubai, everyone has to wear full clothes.
  22. You can not smoke anywhere in official and public places.
  23. CCTV cameras are installed almost everywhere in Dubai. Can’t badmouth the government over there on social networking sites.
  24. If someone is caught spitting, then the police immediately catch him. and puts him in jail and there is a provision for both punishment and fine.
  25. No one can propose to anyone in a public place.
  26. The weekly holiday in Dubai is on Friday whereas we have Sunday.
  27. You cannot romance in a public place like hugging, kissing, etc.
  28. The biggest buyer of flats in Burj Khalifa is a resident of Kerala, India, who has bought 22 flats.
  29. You can not drive your dirty car on the road, for getting this, there is a fine of 200 dirhams i.e. about 4000 rupees, 1 dirham is equal to 20 rupees in India.
  30. Out of the total population of Dubai, only 15% are citizens of Dubai, the rest are people from other countries, including Indians, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Palestine, Bangladesh, etc.
  31. The largest garden in the whole world of Dubai is in Dubai itself, which was named Merical Garden.
  32. Most of the earnings in Dubai come from tourists, according to a 2019 report.

4 Under what conditions does Dubai collect fines?

If you have to make any kind of complaint, then you do not have to go to the police for that. The whole police is a digital system, in a way smart police is an automatic system. You have to make any kind of complaint, just go to a smart machine, fill in all your details and submit it. Your complaint has been registered. Half of Dubai’s income comes from fines and penalties. The government there imposed so many fines and penalties on every small and big thing that someone keeps breaking the law.

Many people do not break the law out of fear, in Dubai, you cannot tease a girl like this. Otherwise, you can be fined and jailed. If you jump the traffic red light, then automatically 200 dirhams i.e. about 4000 rupees are deducted from your account.

5 What are Dubai’s buildings built on?

In Dubai, only sand is sand, on which it is impossible to build buildings. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was brainwashed and asked his engineer how these hills were made in a V shape. There are buildings to win in Dubai, all rest on the sand, and sand rests on water, but if the sand does not get water, then all the buildings will start falling.

6 What is Temperate Controlled City?

Dubai is working on such a Temperate Controlled City model where everything will happen, where the Temperate can be controlled very easily. And in the same city, Dubai is also going to build a huge mall which can be 4 times bigger than Dubai Mall. Temperate Controlled city is going to be equipped with every facility. In which smart traffic lights, in which the road will be a big hotel, and the entire city is going to be the air conditioner. Dubai is manufacturing 30 passenger automatic trains which will be fully automatic and will be booked online.

In which 30 people can easily sit and travel, in which you have to choose the starting point and destination point by yourself. After that, it will automatically stop after reaching your destination point.

7 Why do most people go to Dubai for work?

The temperature of Dubai is always around 50 degrees, so who will take care of the labor work in so much sunlight? The people of Dubai will not because they cannot work in this heat. 65 percent of the people working in Dubai come from outside countries. Most are from other countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, etc.

8 How to make money in Dubai from home?

By doing this, you can provide workers for Dubai companies sitting at home from anywhere by taking information about jobs, and vacancies of many companies in Dubai. If you need a man, then you can talk to the company and take all the information from him and you can give it to me. And you can tell the company that I can give you all kinds of workers, just you can guarantee to give work, you will get the worker.

9 Interesting facts about Dubai

  • There is so much gold in Dubai that the people there have gold liquids coated on the cars and drive them. The largest gold market is in Dubai itself, and this is where the trade is also done on a large scale. Today there are more than 300 gold shops in Dubai.
  • The world’s longest gold chain is present in Dubai, whose length is 4.2 km, and whose weight is about 22 kg it has been bought by about 9600 people together.
  • The Mall of Dubai is the largest in the world, there are about 1200 stores, and you can enjoy skiing in Dubai Mall.
  • Dubai is the most secure city in the world, crime continues to happen in most cities around the world, but it is not so in Dubai. You will be surprised to know, but let us tell you that the number of crimes in Dubai is zero. The biggest reason for this is the strict law and order situation there.

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