[TOP 10] Best Shipping Companies in India

The Indian shipbuilding sector was still driven by defense requirements. According to the released data, the Indian Navy’s perspective strategy intends to raise the Navy’s fleet from 137 to 200 by 2027.

This is expected to promote local shipbuilding. Furthermore, the Indian Navy’s indigenization program is projected to boost ancillary growth and overall enhance the shipbuilding environment in the nation.

I know that many sailors aspire to work for one of India’s Top 10 Shipping Companies. Revenue, Market Cap, Employees, Headquarters, Face Value, Visit website, Overall Grade, and many more are listed below for Shipping Companies. These are all Shipping Companies that have been approved by the Government of India’s Directorate General of Shipping (DGS). Don’t be frightened or confused; they are secure and among the Top Merchant Navy Companies in India.

There are many types of Shipping Business

[TOP 10] Best Shipping Companies In IndiaIt offers a variety of Maritime Shipping Companies such as Container Vessels, Tanker Vessels, Bulk Carrier, and many more. This topic also includes off-shore, shipbuilding, and logistics firms.

These are the largest shipping businesses in India, and they have all functioned excellently for many years. Our revenue, market capitalization, and sales have been steadily expanding. That is why India’s greatest shipping firms are so successful.

List of Best Shipping Businesses in India

1 Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. (SCI)

The Shipping Corporation of India is India’s largest shipping enterprise. It is India’s largest tanker shipping firm. The Government of India established SCI in Mumbai in 1961. It is a public sector enterprise in India that runs and manages boats that service both national and international marine routes.

It is managed by the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India, and has its headquarters in Mumbai. After sailing for six decades, SCI now has a substantial footprint on the worldwide nautical landscape.

They have three primary lines of business: ship liners (passenger services), bulk carriers, tanker services, and offshore services.

They have four categories of ships: tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, and cruise ships. Offshore, crude oil, LNG transportation, and other specialized fields

2 Essar Shipping Ltd.

Essar is India’s second-largest shipping company. It is one of India’s leading Bulk Cargo transportation businesses. Shipping Ports & Logistics Ltd is another name for it. Essar was founded in 1945. It is India’s largest private-sector shipping enterprise. The firm is a part of the Essar Group. The company’s headquarters are in Mumbai.

The firm presently operates a fleet of 26 ships, with an additional 12 on order. Bulk Cargo, Tanker ships, VLCCs, and Tags are the four classes of ships.

In 1995, Essar Shipping Ports & Logistics Ltd. became the first Indian shipping firm to be awarded the International Safety Management Code (ISM), and it is also ISO 14001 accredited.

It transports crude oil and petroleum products, as well as integrated dry bulk transportation services.

3 Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd.

GREAT EASTERN SHIPPING is one of India’s leading private sector shipping businesses. G E Shipping was founded in 1948.

This corporation operates in two segments: shipping and offshore. Let us discuss the shipping industry, namely the transportation of crude oil, petroleum products, gas, and dry bulk goods.

It signifies that the whole fleet (ships) are tanker ships, such as oil, gas, and chemical tanker ships. The second offshore company provides offshore exploration and production services to oil corporations through its subsidiary Greatship (India) LTD.

G E Shipping serves both domestic and international ocean lines. It is also well-known for having India’s largest and best oil, chemical, and gas tanker transportation firm.

4 Varun Shipping Co. Ltd.

Varun Shipping is one of the major shipping firms in India. It was founded in 1971. It is a privately held corporation that is rapidly expanding.

This corporation owns 20 boats, all of which are tanker ships. LPG carriers and crude oil tankers are the two types of ships. It is one of India’s fastest-growing shipping firms.

The headquarters of Varun Shipping Company is in Mumbai, India. VARUNSHIP is the security ID, and the security code is 500465. International Ocean lines are where the firm sails.

5 Cochin Shipyard Ltd. (CSL)

Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) is India’s largest shipbuilding and maintenance firm. It is India’s top aircraft carrier constructing shipping enterprise. Tankers, bulk carriers, supply vessels, patrol boats, and diving support vessels are among the items offered by the firm.

It is part of a chain of maritime-related facilities in Kochi, Kerala, India. CSL was founded in 1982. The INS Vikrant, the Indian Navy’s first indigenous aircraft carrier, is presently under construction.

This organization is a public sector project in India. The Government of India owns the company. This company’s primary activities include ship design, shipbuilding, and ship maintenance.

6 Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Ltd.

Shreyas Shipping was founded in 1988. It is India’s top container shipping firm. The firm has been in the shipping sector for 33 years. The firm owns 13 ships, all of which are Container boats, and it is India’s top owner and provider of container ships for charter.

This firm is well-known for its container ships all around the world. It is India’s largest private-sector container transportation enterprise.

Shreyas Shipping Company offers Conveyor services, port agency services, logistical services, and more. The headquarters are in Mumbai, while the activities are in Kochi, Kerala, India.


In terms of tonnage, Mercator Ltd. is India’s second-largest private-sector shipping firm. It is India’s top offshore shipping firm. It is an Indian firm. Mercator Lines Ltd. was its previous name.

The Mercator Group has diverse corporate holdings in coal, oil and gas, commodity transportation, and dredging. It was founded in 1983, with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. And this is India’s greatest logistics firm.

Shipping, coal, mining, offshore oil, and logistics are the key industries engaged. This firm operates two kinds of ships: tankers and dry bulk carriers.

8 Bharati Shipyard Ltd.

Bharati Shipyard Limited is one of India’s major shipbuilding businesses. Prakash C. Kapoor and Vijay Kumar launched it in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, in 1973. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai. It is India’s top fishing vessel builder and transportation enterprise.

Shipbuilding facilities are located at Ratnagiri, Dabhol, Mangalore, and Kolkata. Bharati Shipyard designs and manufactures jack-up rigs, platform supply vessels, tractors, ASD tugs, mining equipment, deep-sea fishing vessels, bulk carriers, cargo and container ships, tankers, and roll-on/roll-off vessels.

9 ABG Shipyard Ltd.

ABG Shipyard Ltd is a subsidiary of the ABG Group of enterprises, which has a diverse range of economic activities. It was founded in 1985. The headquarters of the firm are in Mumbai, India.

It has shipbuilding activities in Gujarat at Surat and Dahej. Following the acquisition of Western India Shipyard Limited, it now owns the largest ship maintenance facility in India, a ship repair operation in Goa.

ABG grew to become one of India’s largest private shipbuilding businesses, producing a variety of commercial boats.

Self-loading and self-discharging bulk carriers, container ships, floating cranes, anchor handling tugs, dynamic positioning ships, offshore supply boats, and other vessels fall within this category.

10 Gujarat Pipavav

Gujarat Pipavav is one of India’s major private-sector shipping businesses. In India, this enterprise is also known as Pipavav Shipyard. This firm is relatively new, having been founded in 1997. It may be found at Pipavav, Gujarat, India.

This company’s major lines of operation include ship maintenance, shipbuilding, and ship design. The company’s current CEO is Rajiv Shukla.

The company’s headquarters are in Mumbai. Pipavav is a shipbuilding company that serves the national and international maritime industries.

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