EARN Rs. 20,000 per month with LED Bulb Repairing BUSINESS

LED Bulb Repairing Business: आज ही शुरू करे खराब LED Bulb को Repair करने का व्यवसाय, Led Bulb Repairing Centre How do I start an LED bulb assembling business at home? सिर्फ 10 रु. खर्च करके घर में ही रिपेयर कर सकते हैं LED बल्ब, एकदम आसान है प्रॉसेस

Lots of people said that we need big money to start any business, but they don’t know – there are lots of businesses available which need no money or investment to start. Today in this article I will share with you a business idea that you can start with zero investment and lots of people are already doing this business part-time and full time also.

💡 Start LED Bulb Repairing Business with Zero Investment

I personally tell you, I like this business very much. In this article, I will explain to you everything in-depth about this business. so keep reading this article to the end.

Today in every home, office, or in the factories, everywhere people are using LED bulbs. There is a huge demand for LED bulbs in the market and the price of LED bulbs is almost Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 these days. When the bulb gets damaged or fused, people consider it useless and throw it in the garbage.

They go to buy a new LED Bulb. So if you take 50 to 100 rupees per bulb to repairing that fused or damaged bulb, then people surely come to you and provide you with bulbs for repair.

EARN Rs. 20,000 per month with ZERO Investment in this BUSINESS

1 Skill or Knowledge Required

First of all, to start LED Bulb repairing business, you just need some repairing knowledge which you can take very easily from YouTube. one day I was searching “How to Repair LED Bulk on YouTube”. Lots of videos appear on my screen, and I start learning how to repair any LED bulk and I found that is very easy to repair.

When you open the LED bulb you will find there are lots of tiny LEDs pasted in it. When anyone tiny LED fuses then the whole bulb will not work and people consider it useless. to repair the tiny LED, We just have to directly solder both the pins by removing the tiny led.

I have embedded a video below, which explained how to repair any LED bulb at your home. have a look at the video and learn.

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2 Profit & Earning Potential

If you are really interested in this business then you can earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees per month easily, and normally you can earn 10,000 rupees per month part-time easily.

Let me give you a blueprint of earning-

if you charge 50 Rupees per bulb for repair then you have to repair 200 LED bulbs, then you can earn Rs. 10000 per month

How will you get the bulbs for repair- This is simple you have to advertise in your area. i have explained the advertisement strategy below in detail.

If you take Repairing Charge You have to Repair  You will Earn in a month
50 Rs. per LED Bulb 200 Bulb  Rs. 10,0000
50 Rs. per LED Bulb 400 Bulb  Rs. 20,0000
50 Rs. per LED Bulb 600 Bulb  Rs. 30,0000
100 Rs. per LED Bulb 100 Bulb  Rs. 10,0000
100 Rs. per LED Bulb 200 Bulb  Rs. 20,0000
100 Rs. per LED Bulb 300 Bulb  Rs. 30,0000

Yes, you can take bulk orders if you contact electric shops in your city. if you don’t want to contact, advertise in your city and people will call you themselves and I hope you can get 200 LED bulb repairing per month easily and you can earn at least Rs. 10,000 per month.

How to Advertise or Marketing

This is very easy to advertise LED bulb Repairing business- You just go to the printer’s shop and ask him the charges for Printing 3-4 advertising banners. The printer will make amazing banners for you and after printing, you paste these banners into the market in front of the main streets. 

You can also print some pamphlets and distribute them door to door and in the market. Only some advertising costs you have to bear initially. after advertising, customers will be started to call you for repairing their LED bulbs. As per my experience, 2 to 3 bulbs in every house are found as defective or fused.

You should start the doorstep pickup and drop facility for bulbs. Now you should go to the customer’s address and collect the LED bulb and after repair, you should return to their home and take your repairing charges.

4 Equipment Required & Price List

To start this business you do not need any big equipment, you need some little items for it and the cost of this equipment are very minimum. below is the chart which you require to start the LED bulb Repairing Business.

Equipment Name Picture Price in Market
Soldering Iron Soldering Iron Rs. 150
Soldering Wire Soldering wire Rs. 20
Soldering Paste Soldering Paste Rs. 20
Bulb Holder Board for Testing bulb switch socket holder for bulb Rs. 150


5 Market Expansion & Location

Once your business start running, you can expand your business in your whole city or nearest city also, only advertisement cost you have to bear, advertise with pamphlets and banners and start getting business. 

6 License & Registration

This is a skilled-based Business so there is no license or registration required to start. 

7 Staff Required

if you want to expand your business you can hire 1 or 2 staff also. bu initially no staff is required only you can handle this business easily.

8 Cost or Investment

as I already mentioned above there are almost 200-300 rupees required to start this business to purchase equipment. and almost 1000 rupees need for advertisement.

9 Risk

there is no risk in this business. if you don’t receive any order then the maximum amount of 1500 Rupees may be considered as a loss amount. which is advertisement and equipment cost.

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10 Conclusion

So friends, in this article I have explained to you how can you start a LED repairing business in your area and earn Rs. 20,000 per month with almost zero investment in this business. if you want any other details about this business, kindly write me in the comment box below, I check all the comments on my blog and answer them. and I will add more details in my above article whichever you ask me in the comment. 

I have tried to provide my best knowledge about this business. I hope you will get a number of earnings every month. good luck with your future.



Q : How can I earn 20000 per month?

Ans : LED bulb Repairing Business can help you to earn 20000 per month and more also.

Q : How can I earn from 0 investment?

Ans : In the LED bulb Repairing Business you need ZERO investment, In this business, you need little equipment like-Soldering Iron, Soldering Paste & Soldering Wire.

Q : How can I earn monthly income from home?

Ans : You can start LED bulb repairing business from Home also. In the above article, I have explained everything about how can you start this business from home and earn 20k or above in this business.

Q : How much do I need to invest for 20000 a month?

Ans : in the LED bulb repairing business very little amount of investment is needed like 250 rupees only which is like a Zero investment.

Q : How can I earn 1000 rupees in one day?

Ans : If you take bulk orders of Repairing LED bulbs from any electric shop, then you can easily make 1000 rupees in one day easily.

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