[5 Pro TIPS] to Quickly Complete 4000 Hrs Watchtime on YouTube (Increase Watchtime Fast)

Do you also want that your watchtime should be increased so that your revenue increases and you can reach more audience? You know that YouTube changed its algorithm a few years ago, giving importance to watchtime more than views, how much time people will spend on your videos. If someone is stopping on your video and spending more time, then YouTube will recommend your video and will promote it more.

[5 Pro TIPS] To Quickly Complete 4000 Hrs Watchtime On YouTubeIt is a simple matter if YouTube will run on views, then anyone can come and click on your video again and again and promote your video, so YouTube is running on watch time, when people watch your video for a long time, the video will be promoted because if the content is good then only people spend more time on that video.

A common question when you ask someone, How has the watch time increased on YouTube, everyone will give you the same answer that creates quality content.

It has become the same thing that someone asked to plant such a tree so that good fruits can come out and the other person will answer, for this you have to plant quality seeds. But if you ask a farmer, he will never give you this answer, he will say that what should be the weather, how much water should be given, which soil will be and which seed should be bowed.

Through the 5 points mentioned in this article, you are going to know how you can increase the watchtime time of your channel and double your revenue, so please read this article till the end.

1 Longer the Better

Let’s say you made a 4-minute video, which people have seen an average of 90% which means 3 minutes 40 seconds and you make another video, which people have seen 65%, since more than 8 minutes, so if you are asked now, which video is going to grow more, most of you will give the answer that 4-minute video will grow more because 90% of its average watch time is there, but no 12-minute video is going to grow more because it has more than 8 minutes watch time people have spent more time inside youtube platform on this video then youtube will promote that video more than 4 min video.

Making long videos increase your chances of making your video grow and getting more watchtime from your video.

But it does not mean that you are forcibly stretching the video, it will depend on your topic, how your competition is and how much you are able to retain your audience.

2 Right Thumbnail & Title

You treat the thumbnail of your video as a resume, like in a job, a candidate goes to the interview with his resume and the interviewer knows that by looking at that resume, whether this candidate should be taken or not. The first impression of that candidate is obtained if the interviewer likes it, then he spends more time behind the candidate.

When exploring YouTube videos, the first picture that appears is a video thumbnail. An appealing image draws us in, whilst a dull one repels us.

While publishing a video, YouTube will provide you with options to set a frame from your uploaded video; however, pause for a second and replay your thinking; is it seductive enough to freeze your audience?

Simply said, the purpose of a thumbnail is to acquire as many clicks as possible. Obtain a larger audience, watch our stuff, and then on to view our other content.

If you have this question in your mind, “How to create the best Youtube Thumbnail design ?”, Don’t worry, here is the list of the steps given below

  • Use title text to provide context.
  • Use the best Font style
  • Fine contrast with bright background
  • Use a relevant and great image
  • Include a picture of your face: Make direct eye contact with the audience.
  • Analyze your Competitor
  • Create a design for a small screen
  • Perfect YouTube thumbnail size
  • Use the best thumbnail maker

Some creators make Clickbait Thumbnail increase the views of their videos but you will get only views not watch time if your video does not match with the relevant content that you mention in the Thumbnail. So you need to create a neat and clean thumbnail with the correct content that you have mentioned in the Thumbnail.

3 Check What has Worked for Your Channel

You have to analyze in your channel whether people are liking long videos or short videos, you first put long videos and also put short videos which your viewers like, you have to make videos on that topic or that type of video duration only then you can get growth on your channel.

You will always have to read the comments of each video and accordingly, you need to create videos as well. There will be a time when you will have to think about the topic, but after a few days, your viewers will tell you which topic you don’t need to think about.

4 Use Cards and End Screen

YouTube cards are alerts embedded into your video that you may use to advertise your other videos. A video can have up to five cards. There are several sorts of cards you may use, not only for marketing, but also for gathering information from an audience, including a link to your website, fan funding, and contributions.

Cards for another video or playlist are the most commonly utilized. Adding cards is not enough; you must also consider which videos to upload and when to add them. It would be easiest to just put it anywhere and set up your top 5 videos, but if you want your channel to grow, you need to think more strategically, because promoting your most viewed videos, even if they are not your most recent videos, will increase channel views but will not “bring it to the next level.”

End screens on YouTube are effective marketing tools. The most significant advantage? You’re reaching out to a viewer just after they’ve completed viewing your video and are most likely already hooked. The next stage in communicating with that viewer is a YouTube end screen. You may utilize the end screen to direct viewers to additional YouTube videos, playlists, or channels.

A final screen is also an excellent opportunity to solicit channel subscriptions. YouTube end screens can include up to four items and can be used to advertise non-YouTube material such as websites, goods, or crowdfunding projects in addition to marketing your videos. Depending on your objectives, and end screen is an ideal location for a call to action.

5 Promote Yourself

You will not only have to make videos, you will also have to share your channel with your friends and relatives, then everyone will know that you have created this thing and everyone can also benefit from it, so always make contact with yourself.

Do not keep close, share with everyone. Why do companies market products after launching something, because they know that marketing is very important to reach the correct person? Every time you create a video and publish it on YouTube, share it on Whatsapp status, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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